What is a Sisal rug?

Posted by Natural Area Rugs on Dec 31st 2015

Although popular in today’s environmentally sensitive environment, sisal rugshave been around for centuries. Sisal rugs are created to provide the utmost durability and an attractive appearance to your home décor. Sisal rugs are neutral enough to complement any design scheme, whether your home is modern chic or traditionally classic.

What is Sisal?

A member of the agave family, sisal is thought to be native to Mexico but is now grown in many other areas. The ancient Aztec and Mayan civilizations used sisal to create paper and rudimentary fabrics. The plant is now farmed in many countries specifically for the production of sisal fiber, with Brazil being the prime producer.

The plant looks similar to a palm tree, with long, stiff, sharp leaves. When ready for fiber production, the leaves are crushed and pounded until the softer flesh is completely removed, leaving only the sturdy fibers. The fibers are then dried, combed and pressed into hay-like bales. One plant typically produces about 200 usable leaves, with each leaf containing about 1,000 fibers.

Benefits of Sisal Rugs

Sisal rugs are ideal for high-traffic areas. The hard-wearing material is resistant to matting, pilling and damage and can hold up to years of people treading over it. In fact, sisal rugs can be more resilient than those made from other natural fibers like jute and hemp. Sisal does not trap dust particles, so it doesn’t build up residue over time the way carpets made from other material can.

While sisal’s natural color is a beautiful creamy beige, sisal rugs can be bleached or dyed to achieve a more varied look. Sisal can mimic other natural materials. Some sisal rugs are created to look like bamboo wood flooring, and others are dyed and woven to mimic a more traditional rug. The weaves can be simple or intricate, allowing you to customize the look of your home décor.

Sisal rugs can be used to bring a natural design element into the home or to protect the flooring underneath them. The lightweight rugs brighten up any room and bring a worldly feel to the atmosphere in your home. Sisal rugs are usually reversible and should be flipped from time to time to prevent moisture buildup.

Sisal rugs are extremely adaptable floor coverings. They add simple, fresh elegance to the home and blend in with the other colors, lines and textures in your décor. Sisal rugs are affordable and long-lasting, making them an ideal accessory.

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