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Sisal Runners

About Sisal Runners

Create a warm, inviting pathway through your home with a sisal runner from Natural Area Rugs. These long, narrow rugs are ideal for bringing life to a hallway or welcoming visitors to your home when placed in a foyer. Sisal is a very strong, durable natural fiber that can be woven into a range of patterns, so you're certain to find the perfect rug for your home. Every one of our sisal hall runners is made with 100% natural sisal and is handcrafted by an artisan rug maker.

Sisal is an earth-friendly natural fiber that contains no potentially toxic volatile organic compounds. A sisal runner is approximately 3x as long as it is wide, making it ideal for hallways and other narrow passages that might otherwise look empty or undecorated. Each of our sisal rug runners is finished with an attractive cotton binding that complements the overall look of the rug.

Sisal carpet runners are a great way to create pathways throughout your home, including in entryways and halls. The warm, welcoming colors of sisal rugs bring a taste of the natural world into your home and create a sense of calm and invitation. And because sisal is so durable, sisal runners are excellent in high traffic areas, such as in front of sliding glass doors. Use one in the narrow part of your kitchen between your counter area and kitchen island to bring a natural balance to the space.

If you're not sure about which sisal runner rug is right for your home, select several of our sisal swatches so that you can see the color and quality right in your own home! We also have a wonderful selection of custom sisal rugs available so that you can choose just the size and look that you need.

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