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Runner Rugs

About Runner Rugs

Runner rugs, also known as hallway runners, are long, narrow rugs designed for smaller areas such as entryways and halls. At Natural Area Rugs, we carry a great selection of runners made with high quality natural materials like sisal and seagrass. Natural fiber rugs are eco-friendly, attractive, and durable, making them the best area rugs for your home. With the variety of styles and colors available from Natural Area Rugs, you're sure to find just the right rug runner for your home.

Hallway runners are typically about 2'6" wide by 8' long. They can transform an entry or hallway, taking it from an empty looking, unused space to a warm and welcoming path through your home. And while dimensions of hall runner rugs are ideal for most hallways (as the name suggests), they can also be a great choice to offer a bit of cushioned comfort around the sides of a bed or in front of a large window. Runner rugs are the perfect way to add color and comfort to areas of your home where a full-size rug would not be suitable.

Why Choose a Natural Fiber Runner Rug?

Natural materials, including seagrass, jute, and sisal, are a healthy and environmentally friend choice for your family. The fibers used to produce these rugs come from plants that grow quickly, and they are completely biodegradable. Because our hallway runners are made from these natural materials, they will not release volatile organic compounds (VOCs), gasses that can have adverse health effects, making them safer for your family.

Rug runners made with natural materials also bring a warmth to your home, introducing welcoming organic colors like greens and browns. Our rugs are handcrafted by skilled artisans who weave attractive patterns into the fibers, creating elegant and sophisticated rugs. If you don't see the colors or size that you're looking for among our selection of ready-to-ship runners, take a look at our custom rugs to see what we can create to your specifications!

It's important to note that most runner rugs do not come with a complementary rug pad included. We do carry pads that fit completely under our hallway rugs, however, so be sure to check out our selection of ecologically friendly products. Rug pads protect your floors, offer you additional cushioning, and prevent the rug from sliding on wood floors and other hard surfaces. Your hallway rug will look great and be safer for your family.

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