How To Properly Store your Rugs


Whether you’ve got long runner rugs or small entryway rugs, it’s important you store them properly.

  • 1. Clean the Space – Before you even touch the rug, clean the space where you plan to store it.
  • 2. Clean the Rug – It’s recommended you take your rug to a professional cleaner, but if you are unable to at the moment, give it a thorough cleaning yourself.
  • 3. Roll the Rug – Roll your rug in a tight roll with the pile on the inside. Wrap paper around the roll.
  • 4. Place It in Storage – Custom rugs should be stored on a shelf rather than the floor, and never in the basement or attic.

Unlike wall to wall carpets, rugs can be stored out of the way when you don’t need them. Whether they be sisal, jute, seagrass or wool rugs, storing them properly is essential to finding them in good condition when you’re ready for them once again. Contact Natural Area Rugs at 1-800-647-8622 to learn more.