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Rug Pads

About Rug Pads

Area rugs look great in your home, but it can be frustrating if they move around or slide when you walk on them. That's why Natural Area Rugs offers a great selection of rug pad options to choose from. Choose from felt padding for extra cushioning over carpet or hardwood, or one of our eco-friendly area rug pads made with plant-based materials for trusted non-slip comfort on wood, stone, and other hard surfaces.

Every rug pad from Natural Area Rugs is reversible and resists curling. They are available in a range of sizes — up to 12' x 15' for some products — and can be cut with household scissors to fit area rugs of any size. Our rug pads are easy to wash and designed to withstand soap and water in case of unexpected spills. You can even use one of our plant-based rug pads under outdoor rugs for extra safety!

The Benefits of Using a Rug Pad

Not only are non-slip rug pads important for the safety of your family, they also help keep your home looking good by ensuring that your rugs don't bunch up or move out of place. A rug pad will help protect your flooring as well, acting as a barrier between the people and pets in your home so that there's less wear and tear on your floor. The added cushioning provided by most pads can also make your area rugs even more comfortable to walk on.

Many homes have steep staircases that can be hazardous to walk on. Adding a rug pad underneath each of the carpet stair treads can make the steps easier and more comfortable to walk on, as well as being safer. Stair treads and pads give the steps more traction, reducing the chance of someone slipping and falling on them.

Choosing the Best Rug Pad

When it comes to choosing a rug pad, the most important thing to remember is that natural is always the better choice. Pads made with synthetic fibers and PVC can not only release potential hazardous chemicals into the air of your home, they can also react with the finish on your flooring — in some cases, causing permanent discoloration. Choose rug pads for hardwood floors made from felt or other natural plant-based materials.

When choosing a rug pad, consider the size of your rug, its location, and how much additional padding you want. Felt padding tends to add extra softness, but it's often best for larger rugs that are also held down by furniture. You can also find thicker non-slip rug pads made from plant-based oils that do a good job of both holding your rug in place and providing additional cushioning. Make sure that the pad you choose is large enough to lay beneath the entirety of your rug so that there's less risk of slippage or the edges of the rug bunching up.

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