Beautify Your Store with Natural Rugs

Flooring choices in a retail shop are often uninspired, and even tend to the boring side in many establishments. At Natural Area Rugs we know how important it is to make a good impression on your customers. The right look, stylish and welcoming, produces an atmosphere that predisposes the shopper to want to buy something. Our quality and handsome rugs are just the right accessory to make a retail space inviting.

We offer a wide variety of beautiful rugs in the most attractive and stylish fabrics possible. From natural sisal rugs to earth-friendly seagrass and mountain grass designs to the lovely weave styles of jute rugs we provide many choices. Our rugs come in all shapes and sizes so you will be able to fit them into the right place in your store. We also specialize in custom designs that make a retail space really stand out.

The ideal rug imbues your retail space with a clean, timeless beauty while providing several other benefits as well. With the right choice, an area rug serves multiple purposes.

  • It Sets the Customer at Ease. The pleasant and serene color schemes of natural rugs produce a soothing effect for most people. A simple, yet lovely design relaxes the customer and makes them want to linger in your shop and spend more time there. A positive atmosphere makes them easier to approach and to engage in conversation.
  • It Cushions Their Footsteps. Rugs, especially if they are fitted with a rug pad, are much more pleasant to walk on than a cement floor or some other hard surface. A customer who is thinking about the pain in his or her legs is not going to be able to concentrate on shopping. For the best effect, our wool, sisal and jute rugs provide the most comfort.
  • It Allows You To Organize Your Space. Natural rugs in your establishment are a good way to divide your store into cozy sections. An attractive rug in a corner can highlight an area and draw people toward a special promotion, while a larger rug in the center of the store provides a space for more general browsing.
  • It Offers Easy Maintenance. The beauty of natural area rugs (beside their beauty) is their durability and ease of cleaning. Since they are made of strong natural fibers, they stand up well to foot traffic. Many of the fibers, such as sisal and wool, have natural stain and water resistant properties already built-in.

It is hard to overstate the importance of creating a warm, inviting atmosphere for the shopper. Whether you are looking for a hand-crafted rug that is unique, or one of our popular designs, at Natural Area Rugs we can help turn your store into a wonderful place to shop.

Each type of material has its own set of characteristics that make it desirable for a retail environment. Sisal rugs are easier on people who have allergies, making it a good choice for the public. Grass rugs are resistant to stains and made from sustainable materials. Jute rugs are eco-friendly, too, and come in a wide choice of weave styles, colors and patterns. The classic quality of a wool rug comes with strength, vibrancy and resilience and will hold up to heavy traffic for a long time.

If you’re looking to step up your retail space, call us today at Natural Area Rugs. We can be reached at 866-647-8622. We can advise you on which type of material is best for your situation and we’d be happy to go over our line of products. Our team has been a leader in the natural rug industry for nearly 20 years.