Rug Material Types: Which Will You Choose


The type of material used to make custom rugs can greatly play into the overall look and function of a particular room, home or office. If you are going for the right look, your options are plentiful. If you are going for durability, your options might be slightly more limited. As with anything, you’ll know when you find the right floor covering, but it might take a little knowledge about what you’re looking at. At Natural Area Rugs, we’ll help you with that!

Our Natural Fiber Rugs

When you want entryway or runner rugs that have no comparison when it comes to durability, you want a natural product. These are made typically from plant stems, though some are animal products. The following are our offerings.


Cotton – Cotton fiber for rugs grow in a “boll,” or protective covering. Because of its soft nature, it is perfect for use in a casual setting.


Leather – Leather is a beautiful floor covering that can be left natural or dyed in a soft pattern.


Jute – This is a vegetable fiber that, when spun, becomes a strong thread. It is coarse and highly absorbent. Because of this, you should keep it away from moist areas.


Mt. Grass – A fast growing grass, mountain grass is quite sustainable. The natural browns and greens make for beautiful natural rugs.


Seagrass – Because seagrass is actually cultivated in water, it is great for use where moisture could occur, such as a bathroom or kitchen.


Sisal – Made from the Sisalina plant leaves, this is the strongest of our plant fibers. When woven together, it becomes a coarse floor covering.


Wool – Another animal product, our wool fibers come from sheep fleece. While they’re quite durable and flame resistant, wool rugs don’t like moist areas.

Natural Area Rugs has a variety of mixed-fiber rugs and floor coverings as well. This includes vintage oriental rugs made of wool, cotton or silk. It also includes wool shag rugs and wool sisal rugs.

Our Machine Made Rugs

While most of our products are completely natural, we understand the different needs of our customers. Our synthetic materials for rugs, stair treads and more include:


Polyester – This material is great for use in moist areas, as it resists stains and mildew. It also dries quickly.


Polypropylene – Polypropylene is a highly stain resistant material, lightweight and possibly the most used synthetic material for floor coverings.

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