Find the Right Size Rug for Your Space


Choosing the right rug for a room can be tricky, although a sisal rug can add warmth and style to any room. We’ve put together some tips on selecting the proper rug size for your room to take the guesswork out of the equation so your room can look stunning.

Some Basics

First of all, the same rules apply to rugs as with other décor in your home. When choosing a rug, you want to take some aspects into consideration, including the following:

  • Colors
  • Style
  • Room size
  • Room and furniture configuration

Room configuration is largely dependent on the placement of furniture and accessories. For example, if you need a seagrass rug for the living room, are the chairs and sofa going to sit close together or far apart? It may seem insignificant, but this plays a critical role in understanding what size and shape of rug best suits that room.

Living Room

For a living room, there are three different sizes of rugs you could choose from. Each comes with its own configuration of furniture, as discussed below:


A small rug: This is ideal for placing under a coffee table, with the chairs and sofa gathered around it as a focal point. Be sure that all legs of the coffee table are situated on the jute rug. The front legs of the sofa and chairs may also be on the rug if you wish. Some sizes we recommend include 5’ x 8’ up to 6’ x 9’.


A medium size rug: Larger rooms should have more coverage to balance out the space. In order to create a border in the room, place the front legs of the sofa and chairs on the rug. However, you may also place all four sofa legs on the rug. We recommend rugs that are between the sizes of 8’ x 10’ and 9’ x 12’.


A large rug: Lastly, to avoid floating furniture in the room, anchor it with a large rug. All legs of the sofa and chairs should be positioned on the rug. The large size of the rug, at least a 9’ x 12’, should hold all the furniture without it being cramped. There is also the option of having wall-to-wall carpets installed.

Dining Room


A dining room does not have as many rules to follow when it comes to rug sizes. In fact, you can even play around with the shape of the rug. Rectangular and round rugs are quite common. The key is that all the chair legs should be on the rug, even when the chairs are pulled out. Although rug size can be dependent on the size of the room, we recommend a rug measuring at least 8’ x 10’.



As for the bedroom, it’s fairly straightforward. You may think that the bed takes up too much room for a rug to also be included, but when used properly, a rug highlights visual aspects and adds character to the space. Wool rugs are always great options.

For example, you could use a smaller rug, such as a 5’ x 8’. Place this at the foot of the bed, with the length parallel to the headboard. The two legs at the foot of the bed should be on the rug with the end of the bed meeting the halfway point of the rug.

Or, you could use a larger 8’ x 10’ size with all the furniture on top of the rug. You could also place the rug slightly lower and allow the headboard and nightstands to be positioned on the floor rather than the rug. This size rug should also be placed with the length parallel to the headboard.

Hallways, Entryways and Kitchens

There may be other areas of the house you want to place rugs in, but they are too small for area rugs. That’s where runner rugs come in. This could be for areas like hallways and entryways or even L-shaped kitchens that need a few extra design elements.

Choose The Rug For You

Every room of the house has some guidelines for rug size and shape for best results. Now that you have these tips, consider how you want your rugs to be positioned for maximum effect. Contact us with any questions you have or give us a call at 1-866-842-6179 to discuss options for custom rugs. Natural Area Rugs is here to help your home feel comfortable and look beautiful.