Durable Rug Pads Enhance Flooring Choices

Eco Hold Non Slip Rug Pad

Area rugs are often the finishing touch a room needs to feel complete, and the addition of a solid rug pad beneath makes for an even greater polish. It may be invisible to everyone but you, but its effects are noticeable to every guest you welcome into your home.

Custom Eco Hold Non Slip Rug Pad

Aesthetic Benefits

One of the downfalls of rugs is that they tend to slide around, especially when they’re not held down by heavy pieces of furniture. Crooked rugs appear messy and may lead to trip hazards. A pad helps it maintain friction against the floor to keep it solidly in place. It also helps absorb impact from footsteps, so carpet fibers are less trampled by people walking through. The end result is a fresher, longer-lasting rug.

Custom Design

At Natural Area Rugs, we can create a custom rug pad specifically designed for the floor in your home. Our products are made of premium materials with a thicker construction than most other floor pads on the market. We can custom cut your purchase to the specifications you need with fast and free shipping.

Let your area rug shine by anchoring it with one of our superior quality rug pads. If you have questions about any of our products, connect with us on social media or reach out through our online form and we’ll be sure to help.