8 Weave Types for Your Unique Style


Rug design employs a variety of fiber art techniques to create dramatic, contrasting looks. Similar designs can make vastly different impacts based solely on the approach of the construction. The weave type you select depends largely on your preferred style, texture and budget. Our products feature these eight diverse methods.

Hand Woven


A traditional weaving technique is used to create a stylish, detailed look. Careful work results in an end product that is both stunning and durable.

Flat Weave

A flat weave design is done with no pile, resulting in a lighter, leaner finish. These rugs are often reversible, easy-to-move and super durable.

Hand Tufted

For hand tufting, special tool is used to punch threads through the rug canvas. The design is kept in place with the help of a finishing fabric adhered to the back.

Hand Knotted

Intricate execution ensures these hand knotted works of art last a long time. Each piece offers a one-of-a-kind appearance to make any room stand out.

Power Loomed

Power-loomed rugs come to life with precise, computer-based technology. A latex backing provides a flat, even surface to place against the floor.

Machine Made

A power loom is responsible for creating these machine-made rugs. This option gives you a spectacular look and a versatile design.

Hand Loomed

Hand-loomed rugs are similar in construction to flat-woven products. The addition of a shallow pile creates some depth and dimension.

No matter which weave type you prefer, Natural Area Rugs has a product that meets your style needs. Premium materials and construction combine for a flawless execution in each rug that we sell. Let us know how we can help you create the perfect interior design for your next big makeover.