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Natural Area Rugs now provides up to 5 free samples of our natural fiber weaves (including Sisal, Seagrass and Mountain Grass) and cotton based bindings/borders! Plus, Free Shipping! ($1.00 will be added for each additional sample/swatch added to your order.)

We highly recommend taking advantage of our free samples. We know that ordering a rug online can be deceiving. We also know that monitors of your computer can vary the colorway of online rugs, so we want you to be able to evaluate the quality, texture, design and color of our exclusive Natural Fiber Rugs collection. All of our rugs are manufactured with the greatest care by skilled and dedicated artisans with a passion for natural fiber rugs and carpets.

Your samples/swatches will be shipped within 1 to 3 business days via First Class mail. Please contact us if you would like special accommodations.


Are you still having trouble trying to figure out what rug is best suited for your home? Let us help!

Natural Sisal Carpet

Sisal doesn't attract static electricity nor dust; therefore, sisal carpets require very little maintenance. Unless properly treated with a fiber sealer, sisal fiber expands when exposed to water, so sisal rugs and carpet are not ideal in high-spill areas or near doors where they might be exposed to rain and snow. Dry cleaning powder should always be used for spot removal.

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Popular Sisals

Sample Weave - Cortona Sample Weave - Big Sur Sample Weave - Carlton Sample Weave - Logan Sample Weave - Amalfi Sample Weave - Resort Sample Weave - Deco Sample Weave - Capri

Seagrass & Mt. Grass Carpet

Seagrass rugs feature diverse patterns that are created by weaving the fibers in different ways. Seagrass rugs are often highly textured, a feature that is offset by a border of canvas, nylon or bamboo. Seagrass has a non-porous surface that gives it a naturally smooth texture. Its rigidity gives it natural durability. Colors range from sage green hues to olive-like shades.

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Popular Seagrass & Mt. Grass

Sample Weave - Calabria Sample Weave - Nevada Sample Weave - Alps Sample Weave - Basketweave Sample Weave - Hamptons Sample Weave - Miami

Wool Sisal Rugs

It is one of the softest choices when it comes to area rugs that have been created from natural fibers. Sisal wool rugs give you the best of both worlds. They have the incredible durability and unique texture that comes with sisal and they also have the smooth feel that you get from wool

Sample Weave - Chelsea Sample Weave - Cashmira Sample Weave - Icon Sample Weave - Eloise Sample Weave - Sabina Sample Weave - Sonoma

Cotton Binding Borders

The beauty of making a custom rug is that you can design a room to your tastes and needs, rather than around the space and its constraints. Custom rugs can be also be ordered with whatever border and binding you want, ensuring that every detail is tailored to you.

Sample Binding - Khaki Sample Binding - Red Sample Binding - Sienna Sample Binding - Fudge
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