The Natural Fiber Rugs We Offer

Did you know that pollution inside your home is often far worse than the pollution outside of it? In fact, not only is the level of pollution often higher inside a home, but the air is also deadlier. One reason identified by the United States Environmental Protection Agency is carpeting, though they have yet to figure out why that is. At Natural Area Rugs, what we do know is that natural area rugs assist many of our clients with respiratory illnesses and allergies to live more comfortably in their own homes.

Our rugs are made from 100% natural and sustainable materials and provide the perfect complement to any interior design style. Our handcrafted rugs come in a variety of colors, textures and materials to suit your personal preference. If you have a specific design in mind, share your idea with us and we can show you what in our inventory best matches the finished product you desire.

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The main thing to remember when picking the right rug is that different materials and colors do well in high or low traffic areas. Because of this, we have rugs made from plant in a variety of colors, ranging from sky blue to sandy brown. Below, we will make recommendations on what types of rugs work best in low, medium and high traffic areas.

You may also want to select darker colors for high-traffic areas, especially in places that lead to or from the outdoors. Naturally, neutrals that are a shade of brown hide dirt best, but this may also depend on the type of dirt in your area. As a result, remember to consider the outdoors — and how much of it will be tracked indoors — when selecting your indoor décor.

If after browsing our store, you don't find the exact specifications you have in mind, we would be happy to build a custom rug for you. We believe that custom-built should not mean expensive, so you can rest assured that we will provide our most competitive prices. In addition to this, if you see a rug you would prefer to have installed from wall to wall in your home as a carpet, we can make it happen.

Like many Americans, you have probably been thinking about switching to natural fibers for quite some time. The question is: which one? Below, we will provide details on the various types of rugs we carry in our inventory to help you make an informed decision.

As previously mentioned, sisal is a pretty tough fiber, making it extremely durable. Some weave and pile designs help to further bolster its strength, making this the ideal area rug for high foot traffic areas. Curious to know which of our rugs is the most durable? We highly recommend our Milano Sisal. It is our most stain and water-resistant sisal area rug. Like our other sisal rugs, this one can take a serious beating without losing its structural integrity.

As the tougher grass cousin of hemp in the world of rugs, seagrass is perhaps most well known for its durability. Thanks to the reed-like material, these rugs last for several years, resisting not just wear and tear but also stains. Even undyed, these rugs provide a beautiful tone that compliments doorways that lead to the great outdoors. They also make great runner rugs.

While they are durable, jute area rugs are more about form than function. These soft rugs are a taste of luxury. We recommend placing them in areas that receive light traffic and where you can enjoy walking on it with your bare feet. This may include on the side of the bed or under the coffee table in the living room. Because of this luxurious softness, jute rugs do not stand up as well to high foot traffic as sisal and other natural fibers.

Sisal is one of the most durable fibers, so blending it with wool also provides the best of both worlds. These two fibers are woven together to create some of the most beautiful and unique patterns you will ever see. If you have been sticking to neutral colors with flat patterns, this is a great way to spice things up in a living area.

Another soft and comfortable material for area rugs is wool. If you have ever come in close contact with sheep, this should not surprise you. Despite the use of animal fibers, note that sheep are not harmed during the harvesting process. In fact, by removing the wool from sheep, we help to prevent them from overheating during the warmer summer months. Like jute, wool is more about luxury than function, making it a great compliment for bedrooms and play areas.

At the top of this page, we mentioned that one of the main reasons you should switch from synthetic to natural fibers is indoor pollution. Below are details on why synthetic fibers are healthier as well as other reasons you should make the switch.

The all-natural look is in and has been for some time. Does it ever really go out of style? From homes blending into the desert terrain to hobbit houses, people have turned sustainability into a fashion trend. And, as fashion trends go, it is one worthy of support. The good news is that when it comes to décor, this does not limit your options. We provide a plethora of differing patterns, colors, sizes and shapes for you to choose from.

Of all the many ways we can play our part to protect the environment, this is one of the easiest. Making simple, sustainable design choices is a big step in the right direction. All our rugs are sustainably and ethically sourced. By purchasing our rugs, you also help to support the local economy in other countries, such as Tanzania, the Pacific Rim, Bangladesh, and more.

Because so many of our rugs are undyed, such as our hemp rugs, you further minimize the influx of chemicals in your home. In many industries, the organic or natural alternatives almost always come with a hefty price tag, but we're proud to say we offer competitive prices on all our rugs.

Would it surprise you to know that many of our happy customers have pets? A real durability test for any material is how well it holds up to pet claws/nails. So far so good for our sisal-wrapped scratching posts. We also provide sisal litterbox mats to protect your floors from cats who tend to get a little messy.

We're always amazed by some of the creative ways our clients use our area rugs to really tie a space together. If you're looking for inspiration, or you're just curious to see how well these natural designs fit into a home, check out some of our blog posts detailing exactly that. Link to our blog

We all love choices, but sometimes having a lot of options can become overwhelming. So, if you still can't decide on what area rugs to settle on for your design space, our in-house interior designer would be more than happy to help. And, did we mention we provide free shipping on all orders, including custom rugs? For more information, give us a call at 888-613-1335.