Carpet Accessories

You've purchased a beautiful area rug from Natural Area Rugs, so keep it looking its best with useful and convenient carpet accessories. We carry a range of products to keep your rug smooth and firmly in place, as well as cleaning kits that are safe to use on natural area rugs. Check out our great selection today and get free shipping on your order!

Over time, all area rugs can curl and lift slightly, especially at the corners. Our anti-curling rug system will keep your natural area rug looking neat, clean, and flat without causing any damage to your floors. It's easy to install, doesn't raise the height of the rug, and can even be used with a rug pad! Carpet tape is another useful carpet accessory for keeping rugs flat against the floor, and it bonds to nearly any surface. Stair treads can be firmly attached to your steps with this type of heavy-duty tape.

Harsh chemicals can be very damaging to rugs made of natural fibers, so we offer a carpet cleaning accessory kit that's safe to use on all types of rugs. This kit includes spot remover, dry carpet cleaner, and a sturdy brush. You'll get your rugs clean quickly, and there's no long drying time!

Be sure to check out our full range of carpet accessories to care for your rug and ensure that it looks great for years to come. Contact our helpful team with any questions that you may have about rugs, accessories, or ordering.

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  • IPG Double Sided Carpet Tape

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  • Host Carpet Cleaning Kit

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  • Curl Stop Anti-Curling Rug System

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