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About Vintage Oriental Rugs

Turkish rugs have a strong reputation for style and quality, with a history stretching back thousands of years. They are often considered fine works of art, and modern Turkish rugs bring a feeling of elegance and sophistication to any room. At Natural Area Rugs, we offer oriental rugs for sale in a wide range of styles and colors, from the muted tones and classic central medallion found in the Oushak rug style, to the bright shades found in more modern Turkish area rugs.

The names "Turkish rugs" and "Turkish carpets" are somewhat general terms, and they are often used to describe area rugs made not only in Turkey, but in the surrounding countries as well. Carpets from this and neighboring regions are also sometimes referred to as "Persian rugs" or "oriental rugs," although these terms can be used for rugs produced in a wider region, in some cases stretching from North Africa to Central Asia. All vintage Turkish rugs from Natural Area Rugs are imported directly from craftsman in Turkey and include both traditional rugs, with well-defined borders and neutral colors, and contemporary and transitional rugs, which often offer more modern takes on classical motifs.

Two of the most famous styles of Turkish rugs are the Kilim and Oushak (or Ushak) designs. Kilim rugs are woven in the tapestry style, resulting in flat rugs that do not have pile. Some common Turkish kilim rug design motifs found in vintage area rugs include the amulet, a female figure, and symbols designed to ward off the evil eye. Oushak rugs often feature an outer border and designs including medallions, floral patterns, and star-like figures.

Decorating with Turkish Rugs

With so many colors and patterns available, it's easy to find a beautiful Turkish rug for your home that coordinates with almost any decorating style. Neutral tones look great with most oriental rugs, allowing the design and colors in the rug to shine through. A solid white or cream sofa sitting on top of a brightly colored oriental area rug not only makes for a striking contrast, it also gives the eyes a place to rest and elevates the sophistication of the room. Look for selections that give you the look of classic vintage carpet or antique rugs for a more traditional feel, while transitional rugs can bring your personal style to a more modern room.

In addition, you may want to choose one color from the rug and echo it throughout the room, particularly in accent pieces like pillows and decorative items. This is especially effective if you want to mix patterns in the room — stick to one color family so all of the different pieces look like they belong together. Try varying the scale of the pattern to give the room a feeling of dimension.

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