Why You Should Use Area Rugs

Posted by Natural Area Rugs on Sep 16th 2011

When you want to improve the look of a room, but don´t have a lot of time or money to spend redecorating, then you can simply add an area rug to spice up your room. Natural fiber area rugs are an excellent choice, especially when you choose a high quality, natural area rug that accentuates your home decor perfectly. Whether you choose an Earth friendly area rug or a traditional Jute area rug made from a cotton blend, you will not be disappointed in the quality and style you receive.

Earth Friendly Materials

The materials used in natural rugs include bamboo, mountain grass, Sisal and wool. While it is easy to imagine an area rug that is made of natural fibers as being dull, modern methods of coloring and manufacturing natural fibers has not only improved the appearance of natural fiber area rugs, but their durability as well. Materials like bamboo and mountain grass make a more rigid area rug, while wool adds a touch of softness to any room. The best thing about natural area rugs, however, is that there is a minimal impact on the Earth from production and manufacturing.

Benefits of Bamboo

Although bamboo may seem like an unusual material to use for an area rug, there are several benefits that make it a wonderful choice. Bamboo area rugs are easy to clean, and made from a sustainable material that grows quickly in the wild. They also give your living space a natural look, much like a hardwood floor without the expense of adding new flooring to your home. Other materials, such as mountain grass, are also abundant in nature and are easily replenished without wasting valuable natural resources. These natural fiber area rugs are made to last, and will withstand heavy traffic and frequent cleaning.

Colors and Styles

Spicing up your living space with natural fiber rugs made with Earth-friendly materials is anything but dull. The colors include red, beige, grey and other tones that are sure to improve the look of any room. Your area rug can also be two-tone, with a border that adds some flair to a neutral color scheme. The fibers used on the area rug you choose are designed to be long lasting and retain their color even after cleaning. You can choose a custom area rug, which is made with all natural mountain grass surrounded by a cotton border in the color of your choosing.

Area Rug Accessories

If you already have hardwood flooring, and want to add some area rugs to your space to soften the appearance of the room, then you may also want to purchase some non-slip rug cushions to place under your area rugs. Rug pads will keep your area rug in place, even on the most slippery hardwood floors, and they add some extra padding where you need it most. Rug pads can also extend the life of your area rug, since they provide a barrier between the floor and the rug, making it easier to vacuum out dirt and debris.

Ordering Area Rugs Online

Ordering an area rug online from Natural Area Rugs is as easy as 1, 2, 3! Choose the style of area rug you would like. Select the size you need for your area rug, and add it to your shopping cart. Once you are have ordered, simply check out and your area rug will be shipped to you at no additional cost!

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