Why Pay For Trade Show Synthetic Carpet When You Can Own 100% Natural Fiber Carpet for Less Than Rental?

Posted by Natural Area Rugs on Aug 7th 2006

Participating in Trade Shows and other Special Events is oftentimes costly. From mobilization to equipment rentals, expenses are simply outrageous. Companies are always willing to spend extra just to jazz up their exhibit for one good reason – a booth that stands out attracts the most number of customers.

How would you like to steal the show and cut down on expenses at the same time? Let Natural Area Rugs provide the solution.

Pick one of Natural Area Rugs’ exquisite rug designs and create a lasting impression in any setting. With over hundred of weaves to choose from, they surely have the right texture or pattern to match any furniture design, be it contemporary or classic. Why rent a carpet each year when you can purchase one for as low as $1.45 per square foot and have it re-used every time you participate in Trade Shows (instead of paying $2 - $4 per square foot at Expo Rentals).

As the country's premiere natural fiber flooring supplier, Natural Area Rugs boasts of the widest collection of sisal, seagrass, mountain grass, wool, jute and bamboo rugs in the market today. We offer 9 beautiful colors of 100% Cotton Binding to match with your Trade Show Decoration or match the color of your carpet.

At Natural Area Rugs, we make quality floor covering affordable.

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