Why Natural Rugs Are Best For Your Home

Posted by Natural Area Rugs on Jun 29th 2011

Natural Rugs do so much more than accent your home, they help the environment. Natural Rugs are made from Earth-friendly materials that benefit, instead of detract from, the environment. They are considered Earth-friendly for a number of reasons. Natural rug selections can be biodegradable, or they can trap in air contaminants to purify the air, or sometimes natural rugs are simply produced without the use of toxic chemicals or materials.

Types of Natural Rugs

There are numerous types of Natural Rugs, all of which are Earth-friendly for varying reasons. Some of the most popular Natural Rugs are made from jute, wool, bamboo, sisal, seagrass, and mountain grass.

Jute Natural Rugs

Jute is an ancient plant that has been used in Asia and the middle-east for quite some time. Jute is not only used as a resource for Natural Rugs, but can also be found in such products as sacks and bags, as well as prayer rugs. In addition, it is used as the backing to carpets. Jute is a biodegradable material that breaks down into the soil and creates additional vitamins and minerals. Jute is also a renewable resource, which means that it can be used endlessly without having to be replanted.

Wool Natural Rugs

Wool is a unique Earth-friendly material. Its composition makes it so that it traps in air contaminants and even purifies the air. Wool Natural Rugs are often used for their durability and low-maintenance, as well as their comforting appearance. In addition, wool Natural Rugs tend to deaden sound, which makes for quiet footsteps throughout the house.

Bamboo Natural Rugs

Bamboo, like its cousin the jute, is a renewable resource. It can also be broken down and is often considered to be softer than cotton. Bamboo Natural Rugs are wonderfully durable and provide a wood-like appearance with a softer sheen. Bamboo Natural Rugs, like many Natural Rugs, are also fire resistant, which make them an excellent choice for an accent to your kitchen.

Sisal Natural Rugs

Sisal is another material that has been used for ages. The Earth-friendly material was first used in ancient Egypt and is often seen in woven crafts from the region. Sisal Natural Rugs are perfect for families that are prone to allergies, as these Natural Rugs are not produced with any toxic materials or chemicals.

Seagrass Natural Rugs

Seagrass is possibly the perfect material for Natural Rugs. Because of its composition, Seagrass Natural Rugs withstand dirt and debris better than most other Natural Rugs, and can be swept clean easily. In addition, the smooth surface of Seagrass Natural Rugs makes for a polished look to most areas of your home.

Mountain Grass Natural Rugs

While not meant for curling up on, Mountain Grass Natural Rugs make for a durable and attractive accent piece to your home. The Mountain Grass material of these Natural Rugs is rigid and creates a waxy sheen, and is best used in areas low in moisture and humidity. Despite their firmness, Mountain Grass Natural Rugs create a unique and warm mood to your home.

Ordering Natural Rugs Online

When ordering Natural Rugs online, you will be afforded a vast selection of colors, sizes, and styles. Without leaving your doorstep, you will be able to measure the areas where your Natural Rugs would look the best, as well as compare which color combinations and styles best fit your living area. When you order Natural Rugs online, you will be given the most secure transactions and often you will find free shipping when you order natural rugs or carpet online.

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