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Posted by Natural Area Rugs on Nov 30th 2015

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Rugs add warmth and style to any room, and they keep the floors comfortable and easy on your feet. Given that there are many places to buy rugs, however, sometimes it can be difficult to know where to find the best rugs at the best prices. Let us consider some of the various places you can purchase rugs.

Some Traditional Places to Buy Rugs

If you have ever shopped for rugs before, you may be familiar with some of the traditional places to purchase rugs. While some of these may be legitimate options for you, each of them has certain drawbacks.

  • Department stores sell rugs, but they are not always of the highest quality, and they are often made of materials that can be harmful to the environment and even your health.
  • Estate sales are another place to find rugs, yet they will be used rugs, and if you do not get to the estate sale soon enough, another person may snap up the best rugs.
  • Carpet/rug stores, as one would expect, also sell rugs, but the rugs they sell have many of the drawbacks as the rugs sold at department stores. The markup on rugs at these stores is also high even during their special sales.

Natural Area Rugs: The Best Place to Purchase Rugs

In light of the issues related to the aforementioned rug retailers, we recommend that you purchase your rugs at Natural Area Rugs. For more than four decades, Natural Area Rugs has been the top retailer for luxury rugs, and it is not difficult to see why.


Natural Area Rugs believes that everyone should be able to purchase a fine rug, which is why the retailer strives for affordability without compromising quality. Because Natural Area Rugs manufactures and imports its rugs directly, customers benefit from low prices that other retailers cannot offer because they have to acquire their rugs through a supplier. In fact, rug prices at Natural Area Rugs are up to 80 percent lower than the prices charged by other retailers.

Competitive Pricing

Natural Area Rugs stands behind its low prices and will match the pricing offered by any competitor. Thus, you always get the lowest cost when you shop at Natural Area Rugs.

Natural Carpet and Rug Fibers

Most of the rugs sold by other retailers are at least partially synthetic. In fact, almost every manufactured rug sold today is maid of nylon, polyester, acrylic or olefin, and experts estimate that these materials represent nearly 100 percent of the rug fibers used to make rugs and carpets in the United States. These synthetic fibers are made from petroleum, which means that manufacturing them produces greenhouse gases. The majority of rugs sold at Natural Area Rugs, however, are made from completely natural materials and renewable resources. You can buy with confidence because your rug has been made without harming the environment.

Health Benefits

Synthetic rug fibers are not the best for your health. They can release volatile organic compounds that may cause skin reactions, fatigue, throat irritation and other problems. Because most of the rugs sold by Natural Area Rugs are not made from synthetic fibers, customers do not suffer from such problems when they purchase the company's rugs and carpets.

One-of-a-Kind Rugs

Natural Area Rugs is the exclusive importer of its rugs and carpets, which means that you cannot find these products anywhere else. If you are looking for a truly unique floor covering, you are sure to find something you love at Natural Area Rugs.

Custom Sizes

What good is an extensive rug selection if you cannot find a rug that will fit your home or office? When you shop Natural Area Rugs, you can get custom-sized rugs that will fit your space perfectly.

Quality Customer Service

If you have issues with your order or are looking for assistance with purchasing rugs, Natural Area Rugs has an expert customer service staff that is available to help you. Quick responses to e-mail and phone communications and knowledgeable service keep customers coming back to Natural Area Rugs again and again.

Shop Natural Area Rugs Today

The best way to experience the difference offered by Natural Area Rugs is to shop there today. Visit for more information on their rugs and to place your order.

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