What Rug Color Fits Your Décor

What Rug Color Fits Your Décor

Posted by Natural Area Rugs on Apr 1st 2021

Colors or shades are so important in our life that a “mundane life is often said to be colorless.”Colors not only affect the ambience, but also our mood and behavior.Along with the hue of the color, its value (brightness or darkness) and intensity (degree of strength or purity) also contribute to the final effect. Add colors in your home with rug color that fits your style and décor.

Getting rugs is getting colors in life, and so it deserves some attention. If you are puzzled with rug color selection like many, given below are some tips for you.

#1. Deep rug colors

Rich or fast color stimulates love at first sight feeling. Yes, you feel an instant and extreme love for the color, and ultimately develop a long-lasting attraction. Apart from the attraction, three more things you should mid while going for a rich colored rug.

First, the dimension of the space.
Rich colors make a large room look apparently smaller and cozier than what it actually is.

Second, the color temperature.
Red, orange, yellow, etc. create a warm effect, while the others, a cool effect. The choice depends upon your personal likes and dislikes and location of the rug. Fast colors can be ideal for bedroom but not for study room, living room, hallway, and even the guest room.

Third, contrast.
Creating a contrast with the primary color is the best option. For instance, if you have walls in blue, then red or yellow color may suit the most.

Take a picture of your space. Bring the image close to different rug colors one by one, and see what works best.Bringing a wide range of carpets online, Natural Area Rugs makes color selection easier.

#2. Light rug colors

Opting light rug colors is the best way to make a small space appear apparently larger than what it is. Again, mind two more above discussed factors, i.e., room temperature and contrast. It’s a good practice to change the color temperature from one place to another. For instance, light yellow color is relaxing for eyes and offers a pleasant feeling of being in a cozy, friendly place, therefore, it can be a good choice for study room where mental stability is required.

When making the contrast, do not ignore the design and color of surrounding objects. In above illustration, you can see the rug color contrasts with the color of the furniture and the wooden floor. Even the outdoor greenery also accentuates the beauty of the room.

#3. Multi-color rugs

Invite more colors to your life by choosing multi-color rugs. It also gives rug makers more choices to facilitate more design optionsas per your demand. The design choices are endless fromgeometric - from concentric circles and zig-zag to trapeze and parallel lines – to motifs. The basic principles of color selection, i.e., dimension, color temperature and contrast, are applicable here as well.

At Natural Area Rugs, you can shop for rug by color, material, price, size, and also by customer rating. Check our Rug Starter Guide meant for helping buyers get the right thing and take care of their rugs in the long run.

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