What is the Best Area Rug for the Kitchen?

What is the Best Area Rug for the Kitchen?

Posted by Natural Area Rugs on Jun 7th 2018


Many of us spend a lot of time in the kitchen, whether preparing food for our families or entertaining friends. The best area rugs for a kitchen are comfortable to stand on, durable, won't be easily damaged by moisture, and which are relatively easy to clean. There are a number of natural area rugs made to take the high traffic and spills that one would expect in a kitchen. Seagrass, for example, is particularly suited to a kitchen environment, although there are other materials that can work there as well.

Areas that get a lot of foot traffic need a rug that is quite sturdy, and kitchens in particular need rugs that will retain their pattern and/or color while not fading. While inexpensive rugs might seem like an easy solution, they are typically not the best area rugs for a kitchen because you'll need to replace them frequently. In the long run, you might actually be spending more than if you bought a high quality natural fiber rug from the start. Considering that your kitchen rugs are likely to get wet, have food and dishes dropped on them, and get folded over, you're better off spending a bit more at the outset for an area rug that keeps looking great despite daily use.

Here are a few tips for choosing the best area rugs for your kitchen:

    • Figure out where in the kitchen foot traffic is highest; this will help you to decide where to put your rugs. Typically, it's a good idea to put rugs in front of any entries or doors. Other good places are under the kitchen table and in front of the sink.
    • The area where the rugs will go determines the best kitchen rug sizes. Runners are a great choice for the kitchen, as they can easily fit between a counter and a kitchen island. If you want a rug that's not so long, 3'x5' area rugs are just the right size for in front of a sink or entry door. If you have room in your kitchen for a small table or breakfast nook, you'll want a kitchen rug sized to allow all of your chairs to sit completely on the rug.
    • Think about the textures. The best area rugs for a kitchen usually have a flat weave and are made from natural materials like wool or grass. Wool is soft and comfortable to stand on for extended periods of time, while seagrass is moisture resistant and easy to clean. Kitchens typically have hard floors, so you'll appreciate having more padding under your tired feet.
    • Consider your décor. What color scheme is in your kitchen? What colors are on the walls, decorations and furniture? When you are choosing the best area rugs for a kitchen, you need to think about options that will complement the color scheme that is already in place.
    • Remember that rectangular isn't the only shape available! Small round and oval rugs can look great in the kitchen and bring a feeling of softness to a room that's often dominated by straight lines and hard corners. You also have options when it comes to placing a rug under your kitchen table. If you have a square table in the kitchen, you'll typically want a rug that's square — but why not think outside the box and try a large octagonal rug? Oval tables look great with oval or rectangular rugs, while round shapes are usually the best area rugs for a kitchen table that's round
    • When considering the different types of fiber available, seagrass is great for kitchens. Because this fiber grows in saltwater marshes, it is non-porous — which makes it incredibly resistant to water. Seagrass starts out as light green, but it fades to khaki over time. Always use a rug pad with natural fiber rugs to extend the life of the rug and give you additional cushioning when you stand on it.

Choosing the best area rugs for your kitchen doesn't have to be difficult. Look for shapes and colors that complement your room, and fibers that are comfortable to stand on and easy to clean. Want a shape or size that isn't standard? Check out a great variety of custom rugs that can be made in just the size you need. The friendly team at Natural Area Rugs is available to answer your questions about choosing rugs for any room in the house! Contact us at 1-800-661-7847 or via our online contact form.

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