What is Jute Anyway?

What is Jute Anyway?

Posted by Natural Area Rugs on Jun 5th 2019

Jute is known as “golden fiber”.  Jute is also one of the fibers that is longest as well as the most used one when it comes to a variety of textile applications.

Jute is actually extracted from a plant known as the white jute.  This fiber is all natural and has a golden silky sheen to it and this is why it is called the Golden Fiber.  Jute comes from an annual crop that takes about 120 days to grow – typically between April and August.

Jute is grown in tropical lowlands that have a relative humidity of between 60 and 90%.  It is a crop that is fed by the rain and doesn’t have a great need for things like fertilizers and pesticides.  Jute is one of the more affordable ones when it comes to natural fibers.  It is second only to cotton in terms of how much is produced and how many uses it has.

Benefits to the Environment

Jute is totally biodegradable as well as being recyclable and because of these things, it is environmentally friendly.  An entire hectare of the plant consumes around 15 tons of carbon dioxide while giving off 11 tons of oxygen.  If jute is cultivated in crop rotations, it actually enhances the soil’s fertility for the next crop to be planted.  It also doesn’t generate any sort of toxic gas when it is burned.

Uses for Jute

This is quite a versatile fiber.  Back in the Industrial Revolution, it replaced hemp and flax for use in sack cloth.  It is still used for that today.  One of the great things about jute is that it has the ability to be able to be used either by itself or in combination with other materials and/or fibers.  Jute is actually being replaced in a lot of these uses by materials that are synthetic but there are still some that take advantage of its eco – friendliness and biodegradable nature.  Some examples of this are geotextiles for erosion and soil control where it is designed to break down after a certain period of time so as not to make removal necessary.


There are many products that are made from the jute fiber.  They include things like hessian, sacking, twine, yarn, the backing cloth for carpets and even natural fiber area rugs.  Jute is known for having a high tensile strength as well as low extensibility and as such, ensures more breathability for fabrics made from it.  The fibers can be woven into area rugs, carpet, chair coverings, curtains and more.  The very finest of jute threads can actually be separated and turned into imitation silk. 

Now that you know a bit about jute, stop by Natural Area Rugs and see what type of jute rugs are available for you.

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