What is a Seagrass rug?

Posted by Natural Area Rugs on Dec 31st 2015

Not to be confused with seaweed, seagrass grows in shallow marine environments. Seagrass often develops in large patches and resembles underwater fields. Seagrasses help make up highly complex ecosystems but can be harvested for use making furniture and rugs. After being harvested, the reeds grow back rapidly, making seagrass an environmentally conscious option for your home décor.

Uses for Seagrass

China’s paddy fields, which are regularly flooded, provide an ideal environment for growing seagrass. This region of Asia is renowned for its production of high-quality seagrass fiber.

Seagrass is durable and robust. It varies in color from tans to browns to subtle greens. Seagrass fibers are often spun into yarn and woven into accessories such as rugs. In the beginning of the twentieth century, seagrass was used as a stuffing for mattresses. It has also been used in the manufacturing of bandages.

Benefits of Seagrass Rugs

Seagrass is not absorbent. In fact, it has a slightly waxy finish that repels water. Because it does not absorb moisture, it cannot be dyed. That means that every seagrass rug contains a unique harmony of natural colors that cannot be replicated. The rugs are constructed of seagrass fibers woven in a variety of designs. A basic basket-weave pattern is popular, but other, more intricate designs provide interest. Seagrass rugs may be woven by hand or machine.

Seagrass rugs add texture to your home décor without overpowering other focal points. The neutral colors blend in well with any atmosphere and contain their own subtle beauty. A pop of color can be added in the form of a border around the rug, or the border may add richness to the texture while retaining the neutral theme. Borders may be made of canvas, leather or bamboo. In addition to its decorative function, a border binds the edges of the seagrass fibers so they don’t unravel.

Seagrass rugs protect your flooring and stand up to high traffic. They may be backed with foam or another type of cushioning to provide a comfortable surface to walk or sit on. The stain resistance of seagrass rugs is perhaps the most desirable benefit. Regular vacuuming can keep seagrass rugs clean for years without much other upkeep.

Seagrass rugs bring the feeling of the outdoors into the living areas of the home. They make practical floor mats or entrance hall runners. They are also an ideal transition between your home and your yard when used in porches or on patios.

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