Using Natural Jute Rugs to Accent Your Room

Posted by Natural Area Rugs on Jul 12th 2011

An ancient material with much history, jute is often used as the backing to carpets, instead of the surface. But, its versatility and unique appearance and texture make natural Jute Rugs a fantastic accent to any room. Because the jute is grown in many Asian and Middle-Eastern countries, it can be successfully used to accentuate a similarly themed room. In addition, natural Jute Rugs, especially those with borders, add a natural, yet polished look to your home.

Colors of Natural Jute Rugs

The jute is traditionally a light brown color, although the hue ranges depending on where it was grown. Despite this fact, natural Jute Rugs can be dyed to many colors and woven into one-of-a-kind patterns and designs. These dyed Natural Jute Rugs add a more festive flair to any living space.

Durability of Natural Jute Rugs

Although they are known for being delicate and soft, Natural Jute Rugs are surprisingly durable as well. Woven tightly together by skilled hands or precise machinery, Natural Jute Rugs will be able to withstand spills, traffic, and pets. Because of its delicate nature, however, it is recommended that you clean your Natural Jute Rugs with a damp cloth, as opposed to steam cleaning them.

Where You Shouldn't Use Natural Jute Rugs

Because Natural Jute Rugs are not happy when they get wet, do not place your Natural Jute Rugs in a place high in moisture. This especially includes the outdoors, where weather and humidity can cause the Natural Jute Rugs to break down. The ideal place for your Natural Jute Rugs is in an area of low to medium traffic. In addition, do not use any cleaners on your Natural Jute Rugs, as most will cause the natural color to bleach out and ruin the appearance of your Natural Jute Rugs.

Natural Jute Rugs are Environmentally Friendly

Similar to its cousin, the bamboo, jute is extremely easy to grow time and time again. This means it is an environmentally friendly, renewable resource. In addition, where many materials grow old and tattered and need to be tossed in the dump, Natural Jute Rugs disintegrate into the soil, adding to it many precious vitamins and minerals.

Ordering Natural Jute Rugs Online

Once unheard of, Natural Jute Rugs are gaining popularity. For this reason, it is becoming easier to find and order Natural Jute Rugs online. The benefit of ordering Natural Jute Rugs online is the convenience of picking out sizes, colors, and styles without having to leave your home. This affords you the opportunity to measure the areas you need to cover with your Natural Jute Rugs, compare colors to the accents already in place in your home, and complete your transaction, all before you have your first cup of coffee or in the wee hours of the night. When you order your Natural Jute Rugs online, you will benefit from a safe transaction leaving you with the knowledge that your personal information is kept absolutely secure. When ordering Natural Jute Rugs online, you will find that free shipping on Natural Jute Rugs will save you even more money.

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