Tricks for Cleaning Your Jute Rug

Tricks for Cleaning Your Jute Rug

Posted by Natural Area Rugs on Apr 23rd 2019

Jute rugs are fabulous options for your home because they are attractive and durable. They can be dyed in almost any color but look just as lovely in their natural hue that takes on an almost golden sheen. Because the fibers are soft and porous, they can be tricky to clean; soaking jute area rugs or steam cleaning them may encourage mildew growth or staining, which in turn can shorten their life span. These tips can help you take proper care of your jutes to preserve their condition for years of enjoyment.

Tricks For Cleaning Your Jute Rug

Eliminate the Spots

Stains can set quickly and ruin your flat or chunky jute rugs, so you should tackle them by spot cleaning. Test a small section of the rug in an inconspicuous area to ensure the surface doesn’t discolor, and then use plain water and a soft bristle cleaning brush to work the stain out. Blot any excess moisture away and allow the rug to dry. You may want to use a fan or a hair dryer to speed up the process.

If the stain is from an acidic substance, such as tomato sauce or red wine, you can use club soda rather than water to work on the spot. Solids can be scraped away with a nail file or dull blade, although you may need to brush the area with a stiff bristle brush and vacuum away any loose residue.

Discourage Growth

Mildew is another concern for jute runners and rugs. You should resolve any mildew before it ruins your rug, but it is relatively easy to take care of it. A simple solution of bleach diluted with water can be used on any mildewed areas to kill it. Just like with spot cleaning, you should try the bleach solution in a small area to see if it causes discoloration before using it on the rest of the mildew stain.

Other Methods

A dry-cleaning kit may be a smart investment to clean your jute rug. This method uses a powder that you can work into the rug’s fiber with your stiff bristle brush. Any particles or debris can be vacuumed up, leaving a dry, clean natural fiber rug.

You should also regularly vacuum your rug, about twice a week, to keep it clean and prevent dirt from penetrating the fibers. A suction-style vacuum is better for this chore because a beater bar may cause damage to your rug.

If you take good care of your jute rugs, you can enjoy them for years. Natural Area Rugs has an amazing selection of jute and other natural fiber rugs to enhance any room in your house. 

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