Top 20 Sisal Rugs in 2021

Top 20 Sisal Rugs in 2021

Mar 23rd 2021

Table of Contents:

  1. Overview
  2. How to get the best rug for your space?
  3. Sisal rugs and your aesthetics
  4. How to clean a sisal rug?
  5. Wool vs. Sisal: Which is the best option?
  6. A sneak peek into the top 20 sisal rugs
  7. FAQs


Are you looking for a swift way to update the aesthetics of your space? Do you want to give your bland, mundane room an exciting touch? Then start from the foundation. Your flooring is one of the first things that people notice. You cannot keep your flooring immaculate all the time, but you can always aid the beauty of your flooring with enticing and comfortable rugs. Selecting a versatile, stylish rug can create a sense of cohesion and coordination. A swanky, scintillating rug can bring everything together and help to define zones. A beautifully designed rug cannot just supplement your space by bringing warmth to your space, it can also help you to make a statement while safeguarding your cold underfoot.

Are you planning to revamp your space or add charm to your floor with neutral-toned or subtle-hued rugs? Then sisal natural fiber rugs can be a great idea. They are elegant, durable, textured, and comfy. Having said that let’s drive into ways to select the perfect rug, the crests and troughs of sisal natural fiber rugs, and surf through the top 20 sisal rugs 2021!

How to get the best rug for your space?

With so many varieties available in the market and so versatile color schemes, it becomes quite challenging to find the perfect rug for your place. Undoubtedly a rug is one of the most straightforward ways to morph any room into a masterpiece, but to play your décor game right, you have to select the right rug.

There is a lot to select from. Ranging from bold floral designs and shaggy rugs to pared-back grey rug, you can find several handpicked rugs to tick your list of requirements and to level up your room. But neutral rugs are one of the best options. Why? Because they go with any space and depending on the room, size, and overall theme, there is a bewildering range of options to pick from.

  • What lies beneath?
  • When you are buying a rug, do consider your flooring. Flooring is the base where your rug will be laced and hence your rug must compliment your flooring without any setbacks. Do consider if your flooring is made up of hardwood, stone, tiles, or engineered wood and then pick a rug accordingly. Mostly warm-toned timbers, minimal decors along with chic-shabby interiors and Scandinavian themes work well with warmer rug shades like textured sisal rugs.

    Natural fibers are a delight because they tick all the boxes that you want in your flooring accessories and the earthy look and texture that they provide will make your room for all the out-of-the-box ideas. Sisal fibers especially give liberty to your creativity and you can play with themes and tones when you explore your décor, besides, these rugs are extremely durable, weather-resistant, and perfect for high-traffic areas. So switch to eco-friendly top 20 sisal rugs 2021 and convert your abode into an aesthetically pleasing space.

  • Never forget the dimensions
  • Most people overlook the dimensional aspect while selecting a rug. The one-size-fits-all theory won’t work with rugs because they have to blend with your flooring or provide layers to your room. A dimensionally correct rug is an aesthetically pleasing rug. Besides, when the dimensions are correct there are fewer chances of slipping tripping, or rugs folding in the corners or the edges.
  • The arrangement of your seating area
  • If you are considering buying a rug for your living room seating arrangement, for your accent sofa, or even for an accent corner that you have transformed into your very own slug-space, then ensure if the rug will correspond to your seating arrangement. Aligning your rug with your seating arrangement is a significant part of putting together the whole space. If you want to bind the whole décor together, then judge the footfall or traffic, pick a durable rug and mix and match it with your enthralling arrangement.
  • How comfortable is your rug?
  • At the end of the day, you will see your little, adorable pet sleeping on the floor. During the winters, it will be your rug that will protect your feet from getting cold and when you would be walking barefoot, your rug will be the one feeling like a cloud under your feet. This is why you need to buy a rug with a comfortable texture and finished edges. Ensure that the rug is textured for pleasing the eyes, but isn’t coarse enough to scar your feet. In case, if you can’t find any match, natural fiber rugs can be your one-stop solution.
  • Are you buying a rug for any special cause?
  • Well, if you have infants in your home, you want a small rug for your pets or you are looking for a carpet for your stairs, then make sure to specify your requirements. Buy a rug or carpet depending on the purpose that persuaded you to buy the rug. Also, make sure to buy the carpet accessories, so that you can make your flooring safe and the rug surface anti-resistant.

Sisal rugs and your aesthetics

Sisal rugs aren’t just stylish while being eco-friendly, they are a true win-win in every aspect. They elevate the feel of your flooring and protect your flooring from wear and tear. They look chic and swanky and their sophisticated, rustic texture is a marvel for bare eyes. People have been using natural fiber rugs for ages, but Sisal is truly one of its kind that adds all the drama and subtleness to your monotonous room. Spend a little time learning about these natural-fiber accessories because that’s how you can find out how they can benefit your home.

  • Sisal is made from the cactus Agave Sisalana which makes them a durable and sustainable option for rugs. If you want to go green or if you want to bring a piece of nature closer to your home, then Sisal rugs are your ultimate choice.

  • The Sisal Fibre is reckoned for its resilient nature. You can fit a sisal rug in any high-traffic area like the living room or bedroom and they will keep your flooring neat while reducing the noise and keeping your feet happy.

  • Sisal rugs are very versatile. You can experiment with them and incorporate a lot of elements to match your rug. Add sisal rugs in your living room, bedroom, hallway, or dining room and they will enhance the look of your space without any second thoughts.

  • Sisal is a natural fiber rug, which is why it is extremely easy to maintain and clean. You can simply vacuum them daily to keep the dirt and dust off and then clean those once in a while to make their surface squeaky clean.

How to clean a sisal rug?

Don’t your rugs go through a lot while safeguarding your flooring from the harsh weather conditions out there? Well, if you think so or if your rug has turned shabby over time because of dirt accumulation, then pamper your rug with a deep cleaning. Several cleaning connoisseurs and homeowners use different procedures to clean rugs. However here are some popular procedures to keep your Sisal rug clean and bright. Have a look!

Daily cleaning

For daily cleaning, you can dust your carpet to remove the minute pet hairs or dust or you can use a vacuum. Maintaining or cleaning a carpet regularly means that your carpet will considerably last longer and your floor will remain safe. Sisal rugs usually don’t accumulate dust particles, but the loose dust particle can be cleaned by using vacuum suction.

Stain cleaning

Remember that day when you spilled your coffee or dropped your dessert on your rug and you spend the entire day wailing over how the stain is never going to come off? We understand your pain. Especially if you have pets or kids at your home, then having a clean carpet is no less than a dream. Getting stains on your carpet is unavoidable, but what you can do is clean the stain or spot before it becomes the permanent guest of your rug. To help you out, here is a guide for sisal rug cleaning.

  • When you see a stain, at the very first sight blot the rug at the place of the spill with any soft absorbent cloth or paper towel. The blotting surface should absorb enough liquid or stain so that the stain can come off.

  • Then scrape off the solids delicately by using a blunt knife or any other similar tool and then again follow the blotting and cleaning process.

  • Use your effective soap solution or create a solution of 1 tsp white vinegar, 1tsp mild detergent, and two quarts of tepid water to clean the rug. You have to immerse a cloth in the solution and then dab the solution on the carpet with a clean cloth. Let the solution blot the surface and follow up by using a hairdryer within minimum temperature settings to let the rug dry. You can use this process for chocolate, brownies, wine, or ketchup spills. It will leave your carpet immaculate without any question.

Pet Cleaning

Often the pet hair, feces, saliva, vomit, or urine leave a disgusting on your rug along with a dirty stain that you cannot get off. If you have any such stains on your carpet and you want to remove them along with the foul odor, then here are some tips that you can follow:

  • For anything ranging from feces to mud that your pet brings in the home, use a scrape to clean the surface and then repeat the process of spot cleaning.

  • If your pet pees on your carpet then use a paper towel or cloth to absorb the liquid to prevent spreading and then clean the surface with a detergent or any liquid cleaner.

  • If you are suffering from a foul odor then you have to blot the place with a blend of half cup white vinegar and half cup water with a cloth.

Baby wash

If you have a little one at home, then make sure to clean your carpet with a disinfecting liquid. Babies usually play on the carpet and put anything in their mouth, so better clean the carpet with a disinfectant to clean the germs off the surface.

P.S: Never use chemical solutions, wet shampoo, or anything similar to clean your rug because they make the surface coarse and deteriorate the quality of your splendid carpet. Also never beat your carpet with a bat or any such thing because it lowers the thread density and makes your carpet vulnerable to the dirt and dust in your home.

For more details, or for any confusion regarding cleaning your sisal rugs, you can refer to this video at

Wool vs. Sisal: Which is the best option?

Sisal is a far better option than wool. Why? Because natural wool carpets are a lot more expensive than sisal. They are difficult to clean and they don’t blend with almost any surface on which you place them. Wool carpets generally don’t last long like Sisal carpets, whereas Sisal carpets have a tremendous lifespan. They are easy to maintain, go with almost every sort of home decor and they offer more comfort, higher insulation values, and noise-canceling properties. Sisal carpets are durable enough to handle all the foot traffic and they also take the weight of your furniture perfectly, in case if you want to place your living room or bedroom furniture upon the delicate rugs.

A sneak peek into the top 20 sisal rugs

There is a wide array of options in the market when it comes to Sisal rugs. But here are some handpicked rugs that are our top 20 sisal rugs 2021 and among our best sellers. Dive in and fill your cart with your personal favorites!

1. Bronte Sisal Rug


If you prefer to live on the contemporary side and you want something basic yet quirky for your flooring then the Bronte Sisal rug is a great option. The double-hued checkered rug is stylish yet traditional. What else can anyone wish for?

2. Tribeca Sisal Rug


With great grip and a golden undertone, this rug looks like a sure piece of divinity for your home. The Tribeca sisal rug is one of the best sellers because it pairs greatly with both plain white tiles and hardwood flooring.

3. Mumbai beige-grey sisal rug


Add a regal touch to your home with the conventional yet fancy Mumbai beige-grey sisal rug. The rug has an ingenious pattern along with a stunning texture that makes it classy as well as a discerning option for your home.

4. Brunswick Brown/ Multi Sisal Rug with an extra-wide border


This isn’t just a rug, this is an art piece that is a culmination of the finest work of professional artisan rug makers. The Brunswick sisal rug is a delicate yet sturdy rug that escalates the charm of your space and makes your floor surface slip-resistant.

5. Colette Brown Sisal Rug


We call this the queen of our rugs. The melange-brown shade with a melancholic yet dramatic vibe imparts an aura of togetherness for all the elements in your décor. It gives a swanky feel to your space and morphs your home into a mystic story. So buy one and get ready to stun eyes!

6. South Beach Sisal Rug


With a black border and a beautifully textured beige surface, the South Beach Sisal rug looks like pure gold on your floors. The cultivated appeal and the dignified look make the South beach sisal rug a neat idea for your creative interiors, which is why it is one among the top 20 sisal rugs 2021.

7. Florentina Blue Sisal Rug


With an aqua shade and a calming appeal, the Florentina Sisal rug will make you feel like you are stepping on the ocean. The charm is unrivaled because the black borders and the aqua blue shade go well with both subtle as well as strong hues

8. Megan Brown Sisal Rug


The Megan Brown Sisal rug brings an organic look and neutral texture with its flat weave. They are one of the most natural ways to add a casual look of a kickback feels to your weekend cottage or conventional interiors.

9. Kirby Sisal Rug


The intricate weave, elegant pattern, and beautiful peach borders make the Kirby Sisal rug a real beauty. This rug is one of the top 20 sisal rugs 2021 because it can fit perfectly with timber flooring and revitalize your ambiance within no time.

10. Gabriella Sisal Rug


The Gabriella Sisal rug is a textured, grey rug that transforms your mundane home into an upscale tale. With an opulent finish and luxurious feel, our Gabriella sisal rug is an exclusive piece that is a genius addition to your generous space.

11. Chariot Sisal Rug


Inspired by traditional design and combined with modern décor trends, our Chariot sisal rug is a real beauty among all our rugs. The abstract pattern involving different color saturations and the beautifully loomed texture make Chariot a la-di-da choice for your high-toned home.

12. Novato Brown Sisal Rug


If you want a simple addition to your magnificent home, then the Novato Sisal rug is an exquisite choice. The plain weave and fine edges, craft an entire canvas for you to play with imagination and add elements of your choice to your decor.

13. Montage Beige Sisal Rug


Just like serene sand on the calm beach, the Montage beige sisal rug is a great addition to your floors. With a neutral tone and intricate wave, this Montage sisal rug is sound-absorbing, anti-static, and flame resistant while being eco-friendly.

14. Kavali brown Sisal Rug


With a majestic bold look and a powerful shade of brown, the Kavali brown Sisal rug is a commemoration of the finest interior decor trends. Get one for your home and cherish the shades of the most splendid shade on your floor.

15. Westminster Sisal Rug


Brighten up the other elements in your décor with a greyish black Big Sur Sisal rug from Natural Area rugs. The rug is made from 100% natural sisal and has the best tensile strength for handling the high-traffic zones in your home.

16. Cher Sisal Rug


Play with light and shadow with this rectangular Cher sisal rug. With a dark brown shade and minimal appeal, this shadow sisal rug imparts a cool rustic feel to your home. Perfect for the high traffic areas and hardwood flooring, this rug can be your personal favorite when it comes to home improvement accessories.

17. Constantine Sisal Rug


The Constantine Sisal rug is an ideal find for complementing your hardwood floors. While adding warmth to your home, the Constantine sisal rug accentuates the beauty of your space while protecting your floor from abrasion or damage.

18. Carrington Sisal Rug


Whether you are designing your corporate space, your favorite space in your home, or any leisure space the Carrington sisal rug is a delight to watch and step on. With finely bound edges and warm undertones, the textured carpet is a magical affair.

19. Stanford Sisal Rug


Have you ever thought of getting something classic and graceful that looks Boho depending upon your mood? If so then the Stanford Sisal rug can be your love at first sight. The beige shade not just imparts a warm, cozy feel to your home it also adds the element of grace and class to your outmoded space.

20. Heirloom Sisal Rug


This rug is for all those Nordic dreams that you have had for your bewitching interior. The Heirloom Sisal Rug has a captivating texture with a discerning appeal to jazz up your flooring in the most ingenious way.


1. Do you provide swatches to match my flooring?

Yes, we do. We also provide readymade and custom rugs. Get in touch for further queries, regarding the swatches.

2. I want to get a rug for my Bohemian décor. Will the Sisal rugs fit the purpose?

Indeed it will. Bohemian decors are all about free-spirited thinking. You need to twist and blend, mix and match and throw in different colors with subtle, beige shades. As Sisal rugs have a neutral tone, they will be an excellent addition to your flooring.

3. Do I need to buy a rug pad?

You may or you may not as the sisal rugs don’t come with slippage concerns. However, rug pads are always a good option because they protect your floor and make your rugs completely slip-resistant.

4. Can I use Sisal rugs on my porch?

Yes, you can (provided that you have a roof over your porch. Although Sisal rugs aren’t meant for outdoor use, they are easy to clean and maintain, so you can use them on your elegant porch.

5. Will the sisal rug be harsh for my toddler’s knees?

Not at all. The sisal rugs are made with natural fibers that are soft on your skin while being durable enough to withstand foot traffic.

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