Top 20 Natural Fiber Rugs 2021

Top 20 Natural Fiber Rugs 2021

Mar 26th 2021

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Rugs add Value and Character to your Interior Décor
  3. Plan and Place the Rug Right
  4. Natural Fiber Rugs VS Synthetic Rugs
  5. Different Options you have in Natural Fibers
  6. Rugs Care and Maintenance Tips
  7. Top 20 Natural Fiber Rugs 2021 – Review
  8. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Your interior décor had gone just as planned. You painted the walls, set the lighting, and placed the furniture right, hung that beautiful painting on the wall, and jazzed up your dream space. But is there still something amiss, like a void to fill? Enclosed spaces can sometimes evoke that feeling of emptiness. It’s quite common and luckily for you; fixable. Have you given any thoughts to including a rug in the mix? How about placing it near the sitting area or under the table or just on any open floor space? Might be just the magic element you have been looking for to complete your décor!

Greetings to all our readers! Today we are going to talk about natural fiber rugs;

  • What they are?
  • What are the different options you can choose?
  • How do they add value to your home?

We will answer all such queries supported by an essential know-how. Like always we have also added a brief review of the top 20 natural fiber rugs in 2021 for your shopping reference. So let’s get on with our natural rug trivia!

Rugs add Value and Character to your Interior Décor

Sometimes the best décor ideas come in the simplest forms, like a beautiful rug matching the theme of your room. The duality of rugs makes it a perfect addition to the interior space. It brightens up the room; enhances the look and feel, while making the indoors cozier and more welcoming. Here’s how they add value and character to your décor:

  • Makes the Room Warmer

    Rugs add warmth to the interiors and are a blessing during the colder months. You can save your feet from the floor’s icy bite by adding an area rug. For summer months you can use a lighter material, transitioning the feel and ambiance from warmth to comfort.

  • Space Management at its Best

    This point is specifically for the readers who live in small apartments and have issues with less floor space. You don’t need a sofa or a recliner to make a sitting space in the room. Place a thick rug and place it on a cozy corner, and throw in some plushies and cushions. Voila! You just got yourself a comfy place to sit in your tiny apartment.

  • Increased Safety

    Rugs are a basic necessity for making the house safer for kids. You cannot stop them from running and tripping over, but you can minimize the impact by placing rugs on the floor. The soft and thick texture of the rug adds safety to your home, not only for the kids but also for the elderly.

  • Protects the Flooring

    You don’t have to worry about scratches or discoloration of your hardwood floors with a layer of rug, protecting it from abrasions and other damages. This applies to the other types of flooring as well.

  • Minimize the Noise

    Rugs are great noise minimizers, especially if you are living in an apartment and your neighbor downstairs keep complaining about the footfall noise.

That’s a lot of benefits you are enjoying from a single piece of home décor. In our segment of the top 20 natural fiber rugs in 2021, we will offer you multiple choices in rugs perfect for your apartment or house.

Natural Fiber Rugs VS Synthetic Rugs

Rugs are pretty basic as an interior décor element. So how can you make yours stand apart from the others? The trick lies in the arrangement, rather than the rug itself. It’s how you use it to bring the room together, creating a soothing balance of beauty and comfort.

  • Choice of Color

    The rug should match the color and tone palate of your overall décor. Contrasting colors are great if you can complement them well.

  • Size and Placement Matters

    If the rug fits the room’s size, then you should keep at-least a gap for 3 feet from the walls. That makes the room seem more spacious. When laying it under the dining or coffee table, the placement should be in the middle. That will prevent your chairs from slipping off the rug.

  • Get Creative with Shapes

    Don’t stick to the usual rectangles and squares. Get creative with ovals and rounds, or mix and match the shapes while placing them across the room.

Incorporate these points when planning the rug décor at your place. The results and the stark difference from the usual arrangements will be visibly clear.

Natural Fiber Rugs VS Synthetic Rugs

You can either choose a natural rug or synthetic fiber rug. While the former is organically sourced and produced, the latter is manufactured using a blend of chemical compounds. Both are quite popular among rug buyers, but to clarify the distinction, we have run a comparative analysis of both varieties and stated the points below.

Natural Fiber RugsSynthetic Rugs
  • Made from sustainable material these are eco-friendly and bio-degradable.
  • Although stain resistant, you have to be careful regarding the cleaning products that you use on natural rugs.
  • Natural rugs are highly durable due to the tensile strength of the fibers. These are great for high-traffic areas and houses that have pets.
  • Synthetic fibers are industrially manufactured and consist of chemicals that tend to release volatile organic compounds or gases that can be harmful for the environment. Also, these are non-biodegradable.
  • Synthetic fiber rugs are more stain-resistant and are compatible with chemical cleaners as well.
  • It solely depends on the quality of the fibers that your rug is made of. While nylon has moderate durability, olefin is best for light traffic areas.

Natural rugs being 100% organic is a safer and more responsible choice for homeowners, especially if they have pets and kids at home. Some of the contributing features of natural rugs are:

  • Anti-static
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Naturally resistant to mite and moth
  • Better at sound reduction
  • Prevents dust allergies
  • Natural heat insulator
  • Organic and eco-friendly

For design and diversity, browse through our picks in the top 20 natural fiber rugs in 2021 mentioned below.

Different Options you have in Natural Fibers

There are categories within the natural fibers as well. While jute, sisal, and seagrass are derived from plants, wool and silk are animal-produced. Here we have listed the four most common natural fiber choices availed by homeowners when buying a rug.

  • Jute
  • The jute fiber is derived from the stem of its namesake plant. When processed into fibers, these come out as quite soft and make for very comfortable rugs. Jute is good for moderate to high traffic areas and is a great option if you want to make a sitting arrangement on the floor. The rugs are available in different thicknesses which you can choose as per your preference.
  • Sisal
  • Sisal fiber is produced from the leaves of the Agave sisalana plant. It is one of the tougher fibers that have a stiff texture. Sisal rugs have a tight weave and are great for high-traffic areas due to their durability. It is naturally flame retardant and stain-resistant. Due to the toughness of the fiber, it might feel coarser compared to jute.
  • Seagrass
  • This is the most affordable of all-natural fibers and durable as well. Seagrass rugs unlike the others cannot be dyed and are available in their neutral beige tones, ranging from light to darker hues. The color and texture of the fiber help hide stains naturally. It has a softer feel compared to sisal rugs.
  • Wool Blend
  • 100% natural wool rugs are the high-end rugs that come with a hefty price tag. However, if maintained properly, they can last for decades. You can go for reasonably priced alternatives in wool blends. These are a combination of wool and other natural fibers like jute and sisal.

Rugs Care and Maintenance Tips

Natural rugs being both durable and resistant to stains are very easy to clean and maintain. Follow the tips below to keep your rug good as new for years.

  • Regular Cleaning
  • Regular vacuuming and dusting keep your rugs in good shape. You cannot let the dust and dirt accumulate in-between the fibers. That’s neither good for your health nor the longevity of the rug. So it is recommended that you vacuum at least once a week.
  • Liquid Spills
  • Immediate blotting of the place with the spill using a soft cloth or paper towels prevents the stain from setting. For stains like coffee or wine, you can blot the surface with a concoction of white vinegar and mild detergent with tepid water. Do not rub, just blot gently to get the stain off. After that, dry off the area with a hairdryer that is set at normal temperature.
  • Solid Spills
  • For solid spills, first, you need to scrape off the bit with a blunt knife or butter knife. After that to take the strain off the rug, you can use the same trick as in the case of wine spills.

Make sure to never rub the surface of the rug, or use a chemical solution, or steam cleaning. Such methods can damage the texture of the rug.

Top 20 Natural Fiber Rugs 2021 – Review

Done with our usual trivia, here are our picks for the top 20 natural fiber rugs in 2021, description and review attached for your perusal.


• Stanford Sisal Rug


The basic light beige sisal rug with tight weave patterns adds minimalist touch to your décor, brightening up the space. Like an empty canvas, it allows you to get creative while selecting the other décor elements in the room. It has non-slip latex backing with a self-edged border and is naturally durable for high traffic areas. The light and neutral tone of the rug goes well with dark hardwood floors or any other kind of flooring in a darker shade.

• Lugano Brown Sisal Rug


Streaks of beige and brown are running in parallel weaves in this eccentric multi-shade sisal rug. It combines the earthy and neutral tones emanating a beautiful rustic look and feel that would instantly light up a room. With a non-slip latex backing, the rug has a wide canvas border with mitered corners in contrasting colors. Crafted by artisan rug makers, the high-quality sisal fiber extends its longevity for years.

• Florentine Blue Sisal Rug


The beautiful indigo blue color of this rug is the highlighting feature that makes it unique and bold. It works great with light-colored furniture, allowing you to bring that contemporary touch to your décor. Available in 4 sizes, the rug is anti-static and anti-slippage thanks to the latex backing. It has self-bound corners, with high durability.

• Mumbai Beige Grey Sisal Rug

Seattle Custom Sisal Rug


Available in a neutral light beige tone, what makes this rug a showstopper is the intricate weavings and patterns. With double the thickness of the usual rugs, this one will keep the interiors warmer. Made from sisal, the rug is easy to clean and maintain while being naturally fire retardant. Self-bound along with the corners, the rug has a latex backing to prevent slippage.

• Kerman Sisal Rug


The diamond pattern in beige on this brown sisal rug is an ode to the craftsmanship of artisan rug makers. Bound by a chocolate canvas border, this rug is an instant statement-maker and can give an instant glam makeover to any mundane living room. The superior quality sisal fibers ensure their durability and longevity, while the latex backing is there to make sure that there are no slippage incidents.


• Morning Side Jute Rug


Inspired by the ornate patterns of Persian carpets, this jute rug is a regal addition to your home décor, perfect for living rooms. The rug has bold patterns in red and brown with a subtle hint of faded yellow that stands out in the neutral background, defining the stylish aura of the décor piece. Available in a single size, the rug is an elegant piece of floor art.

• Jewel Beige Jute Rug


The intricate pattern of this jute rug available in a neutral beige shade befits the name. Available in 3 sizes the rug is handcrafted and self-bound without a border. It is a 100% natural jute rug that feels soft under the feet. The color of the rug makes it suitable for dark hardwood floors.

• Rialto Braided Jute Chindi Rug


Bring the color and vibrancy of a rainbow inside your mundane home with this round multicolor jute rug. The reversible rug feels soft as a feather under the feet. The handmade rug combines jute and cotton in this creation, making it both durable and comfortable for indoor use.

• Elsinore Beige Braided Jute Rug


Available in 2 shapes, this jute rug combines the subtlety of neutral beige with the boldness of indigo blue in braided patterns. Place it under the dining table as a centerpiece of your living room floor and this one will grab the eye of the onlookers, gaining you compliments.

• Gracie Multicolor Jute Rug


The Gracie Multicolor Rug brings the magic of light and dark into play with neutral stripes of golden beige contrasting the bold black lines. If you are going for a contemporary look for your décor, this one will fit in perfectly.


• Mayfair Seagrass Rug


There are lots of options in sizes and shapes in this seagrass basic beige rug, good for areas that experience high traffic. The canvas binding can be customized here as well with the availability of 11 colors in both light and dark shades.

• Four Seasons Seagrass Rug


Handcrafted by artisan rug makers, the crisscross self-pattern of this seagrass rug is its defining feature. 100% organic fiber and backed by anti-slippage latex, this one is perfect for high-traffic areas and is quite durable.

• Ruby Cotton Seagrass Rug


A blend of cotton and seagrass, this rug is a vibrant combination of maroon and beige that will brighten up even the most mundane of living spaces. The elegant style of the rug defines its beauty, while the seagrass ensures its durability.

• Hamptons Seagrass Rug Black


If you want a basic look for your living room, this beige rug with bold black borders suffices your décor needs with grace and minimalist sophistication. It is backed by latex preventing slips. The seagrass fiber is 100% organic and durable for high-traffic areas.

• Miami Seagrass Rug


Simple yet classy, this seagrass beige rug with golden canvas binding will be a good contrast on dark-colored floors, if you are not a fan of flashy décor.

Wool Blend

• Eloise Custom Wool Rug


Customize your very own natural wool rug in this beautiful blush tone with black canvas binding. Available in rectangle, square, octagon, and oval shapes the rug is both insulating and stain-resistant.

• Hermosa Custom Wool Rug


The light beige rug with self-pattern will add warmth and softness to your room and décor. With 20 different color choices in canvas binding and the availability of custom shapes and sizes, you can create a brand new rug as per your preferences.

• Laguna Custom Wool Rug


The Laguna custom golden beige rug is made from a durable and eco-friendly wool blend. It is naturally insulating keeping your space warm in the winter cold with a feathery soft feel under the feet.

• Sabina Custom Wool Rug


Custom create your area cover in the likeness of Sabina wool rug. There are abundant options in binding colors, shapes, and sizes to choose from. Made by artisan rug makers, this one will keep your floors warm and comfy all year long.

• Cassel Custom Wool Rug


The Cassel wool rug is available in the neutral beige shade to complement and soften your bold décor ideas. A customized creation, you have the liberty to choose your preferred shape, size, and binding colors when buying this rug.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Are natural rugs compatible with all kinds of flooring?

Yes, natural fiber rugs go with every kind of flooring, including hardwood, engineered wood, ceramic tiles, stones, etc.

2. How long can natural fiber rugs last?

100% organic natural rugs are highly durable and can last for years. However, you will have to maintain it with regular cleaning and care tips, as mentioned above.

3. Will I ever require a professional rug cleaning service for my natural area rug?

If you follow the regular cleaning tips as we have mentioned in this blog, you will not require professional rug cleaning services.

4. Which natural fiber is best for high-traffic areas?

Sisal rugs are best suited for high-traffic areas owing to their thickness and high durability compared to others.

5. Are natural fiber rugs suitable for houses with pets?

Natural fibers are best for houses that have pets. We will recommend you to install seagrass or sisal rugs at home for more durability.

Comment and share this blog and let us know how you liked our review of the top 20 natural fiber rugs in 2021. Stay tuned for more interesting reads on rugs and décor

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