Top 20 Custom Sisal Rugs of 2021

Top 20 Custom Sisal Rugs of 2021

Mar 3rd 2021

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Natural Fibers: Why they are best for indoors
  3. Know about Sisal Fiber s
  4. Use of Sisal for Rugs
  5. Cleaning a Sisal Rug
  6. Difference between Sisal and Jute
  7. Top 20 sisal rugs review
  8. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


There’s a common saying among interior designers: the foundation of any room is its flooring, so the ideation of your décor starts from there. All you have to do is place a gorgeous rug on the floor the rest will fall in place automatically.

Planning the entire look and feel of your room around a single piece of décor is truly a brilliant idea. It’s something to get you started and then balance out the tone and ambiance as you keep adding elements to the room, complementing your prized adornment on the floor.

Hello readers! As claimed by the title, today we will talk about the top 20 custom sisal rugs of 2021 . All your queries concerning the quality, durability, and texture of the sisal rugs will be answered, along with review of our top 20 picks for this year. So, without further ado let’s begin!

Natural Fibers Rugs: Why they are the Best for Indoors

There are a few things that you should keep in mind while buying a rug:

  • Judge the footfall or traffic (high, medium, or low) of the room.
  • Houses with infants/toddlers and pets.
  • Type of flooring (hardwood, engineered wood, or stone, etc.).
  • The average weather condition of your location.

When choosing a rug for indoors, natural fibers have always been the top pick for interior designers and homeowners alike. It’s because they tick on all the boxes mentioned above.

The earthy look and texture lend a rustic and cool vibe to the décor. However, you can always switch from country-chic to classy-elegance by choosing the right style and weave of the fibers; it’s that versatile. Its neutral tone acts like a virgin canvas where you can just paint away from your décor ideas, giving life and form to the room.

It’s this exact feature that allows you to tweak the décor from time to time to break the monotony. A neutral base like that gives you the freedom to play with colors, tones, and hues, offering limitless palate options.

Apart from the aesthetics, being naturally durable and fire-resistant makes it a rational choice for the indoors as well, not to mention, it favors all weather conditions, be it hot and humid, wet and cold, or even freezing temperatures. So, it’s aesthetically pleasing, adaptable, flexible, and durable; a host of features to like!

Before we get down to reviewing the top 20 custom sisal rugs of 2021, let’s get acquainted with the sisal as a fiber for rugs and explore its attributes.

Know About the Sisal Fiber

Sisal is a common variety of natural fiber that is used to fabricate rugs other than jute, seagrass, and likewise.

Agave sisalana or sisal is native to Central America, the Yucatan Peninsula to be exact, but grown and naturalized across geographies. It is a flowering plant that is known for its distinctive sword-like leaves that are about 1.5 – 2 meters in length.

It is one of the toughest and most durable varieties of fibers to exist. Owing to that sisal was traditionally used as ropes and twines. Contemporarily the fiber is a top pick for natural rugs, hats, geotextiles, footwear, etc. 

Some of the contributing features of sisal include:

  • Sustainable and renewable sourcing.
  • 100% organic and natural fiber.
  • Biodegradable and eco-friendly.
  • Anti-static and anti-bacterial.
  • Resistant to moth, rot, mite, and dust.
  • Prevents allergies.
  • Naturally insulates heat and sound.
  • Highly-durable and perfect for high traffic areas.
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance.
  • Dehumidifies the indoor air to a great extent without feeling moldy.
  • Affordable fiber. 

Use of Sisal Fiber for Rugs

What are the qualities that you should seek in a rug?

  • Aesthetics
  • Durability
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Versatility

Sisal rug embodies all of that and offers you flexibility in look, comfort, and utility unlike any other.

The natural fiber comes in multiple neutral shades ranging from beige and tan to brown with a golden undertone, allowing you to choose between different styles and themes such as traditional, modern, or minimalist.

Sisal rugs are quite versatile in terms of pattern and style as well. The fibers might seem tough, but can be fabricated into intricate designs. Different styles that are common in sisal rugs are:

  • Tight-weave
  • Braid pattern
  • Geometric weave
  • Herringbone style
  • Basket weave

Despite having so many contributing attributes, sisal rugs come at a very reasonable price range, making them the perfect addition to your décor.

Tips to Clean a Sisal Rug

Interior décor specialists and homeowners have championed sisal rugs time and again for their fairly easy upkeep. You can follow the tips mentioned below:

Regular Cleaning

Dusting and vacuuming will suffice your regular maintenance regimen. Unlike synthetic rugs, sisal fibers do not accumulate dust particles. It’s like loose dirt on the surface of the carpet that can be cleaned with vacuum suction.

Spot Cleaning

There is no point crying over spills on rugs. It’s common and unavoidable, especially if you have kids at home. The best way to prevent staining and spreading is:

  • Blotting the rug on the place of the spill with paper towels or soft absorbent cloth. You need to keep blotting the surface until there is no liquid or stain transfer on the cleaning cloth.
  • Scraping off the solids gently using a blunt knife for hard-spills and then follow it up with the blotting and cleaning process.
  • Creating a solution combining one teaspoon of white vinegar with one teaspoon of mild detergent along with two quarts of tepid water, dab it with a clean cloth, and blot on the surface. Follow up by drying the carpet using a hairdryer, keeping the temperature at a minimum setting. This works well for wine and ketchup spills.

Pet Cleaning

Pet feces, urine, and vomit can leave a foul odor on the rug along with staining. You cannot allow that to happen to your favorite sisal rug. Here’s what you can do to prevent:

  • In case of urination, then take a clean paper towel or cloth and press on the surface to avoid spreading.
  • The odor can be removed by blotting the place with a mix of half cup white vinegar and half cup water with a cloth.
  • For anything else, scrape the surface and then repeat the process of spot cleaning

What you should never do

  • Rubbing the surface.
  • Using a beater bat.
  • Chemical solutions
  • Steam cleaning
  • Wet shampoo

Abide by these simple cleaning and maintenance tips to keep your rug good as new for longer. Refer to the video below to understand the cleaning process.

Difference between Sisal and Jute as Rugs

Both sisal and jute are natural and organic fibers of almost the same neutral hues, which can make the buyer mistake one for the other. However, both have distinctive and contrasting features that we have shared below. While it will not be fair to say that one is better than the other, both fibers have their essential attributes, judging which you can choose whatever suits you the best.

Sisal Rugs Jute Rugs
  • Sisal is native to Central America.
  • The fiber is derived from the leaves of the plant.
  • Sisal is thick and tough.
  • Being stiffer fiber sisal has a coarse and hard texture.
  • Has a slightly light undertone.
  • High tensile strength and durability, perfect for houses with kids and pets. It is best for high traffic areas like entryways and hallways.
  • Remains tensile for years.
  • Jute is sourced from India and Bangladesh.
  • The fiber is derived from the stalk of the jute plant.
  • Jute is finer in comparison.
  • It is soft to touch and feels more like a fabric.
  • Has a darker neutral shade.
  • Jute is less durable compare to sisal, being a soft fiber. It is best for lighter traffic areas like bedroom.
  • Tend to get softer as time goes by.

  • Other than these distinctions, both have multiple similarities like:

    • Biodegradable
    • Sound redundant
    • Affordable
    • Fire-resistant
    • Heat insulation
    • Seamless maintenance

    It all boils down to your individual choice and preferences when deciding between jute and sisal natural fibers for your rugs.

    Top 20 Sisal Rugs: Review & Interior Décor Ideas

    Here are our picks for top 20 custom sisal rugs of 2021 .

    1. Studio Sisal Rug


    Classy-elegance meets organic creation in this 100% natural rectangular sisal rug, available in a neutral golden-beige shade, with corner bindings in 20 different colors. The rug is backed by latex to prevent slippage. Sound absorbing, anti-static, and naturally fire retardant. Custom create your rug, providing the dimensions, and get it home delivered.

    2. Sandstone Sisal Rug


    This beautiful neutral tone natural and organic sisal fiber mimics the color of sandstone giving a cool rustic vibe to the indoors. The lighter shade brightens up your room, while the strength of sisal makes it perfect for high traffic areas. Custom sizes and border colors available in 20 different shades, including black.

    3. Shadows Sisal Rug


    Bring the magic of light and shadow into your décor with this stylish and elegant sisal rug with greyish undertones. Made of the finest sisal fibers, this product is available in rectangular, octagon, oval, and round shapes. The rug has options in standard/lapped and mitered binding. Create your very own custom rug at affordable prices, complementing the space and shape of your room.

    4. Big Sur Sisal Rug

    Big Sur Custom Sisal Rug


    The fine weave and the greyish shade are the defining features of the Big Sur sisal rug. It instantly enhances the aesthetics of a room, be it your home or office. The rug goes best with lighter shade walls contrasting the neutral with dark tones. The product is customizable with options in binding colors, width, and length.

    5. Chateau Sisal Rug


    Dyed in a beautiful and contrasting mishmash of black and golden, this rug has a contemporary vibe in its look and feel that can add a regal charm to your décor. The use of 100% natural and organic sisal guarantees the superior quality and tensile strength best for high traffic areas in your house or office. Sample swatches available there is a provision for you to create your custom rug, as per your needs.

    6. Resort Sisal Rug

    Resort Custom Sisal Rug


    The neutral canvas of the sisal rug has splashes of multicolor hues, making it a bright and beautiful addition to your décor. Choose your preferred shape from rectangle, round, oval, and octagon. You can also personalize the binding color from 20 available options. Naturally, flame retardant and anti-static, this is 100% eco-friendly and twice the thickness of similar sisal rugs.

    7. Sorrento Sisal Rug

    Sorrento Custom Sisal Rug


    This dark beige Sorrento sisal rug with yellow undertones brings the vibe and warmth of dunes to your room, brightening up space instantly. Handcrafted by artisan rug makers, this sisal rug comes with custom features in size, binding, and stitching. You can try the swatches before placing the order; the price will be determined by the dimensions and other personalization.

    8. Moda Sisal Rug

    Moda Custom Sisal Rug


    Simple and sophisticated, this golden beige sisal rug evokes the beauty of minimalism in interior décor. Made in the USA by artisan rugmakers the rug is fabricated from the finest sisal fibers and is twice the thickness compared to other rugs. A superior-quality product, this rug outshines the rest due to its exclusive customizable attributes in sizes and borders. Follow the link above to get free sample swatches.

    9. Deco Sisal Rug


    The light beige color of this Deco sisal rug will beautifully complement your hardwood floors, adding warmth and comfort to space. Available in four different shapes and 20+ binding colors, the thickness of the rug will absorb sound, protecting the wooden floors from abrasion and damage. Custom create your rug and accentuate the beauty of your house/office.

    10. Catalina Sisal Rug


    The fine weave and neutral light beige color of Catalina sisal rug define minimalist sophistication, allowing you to play with an array of colors when designing the décor of the living space. Sisal as a rug fiber gives you volume, durability, and thickness, unlike any other variety of rugs. Personalize this handcrafted beauty as per your preference by visiting the link above.

    11. Divine Sisal Rug


    Complement your neutral walls and floors with the dark earthy brown sisal rug. While adding warmth to the interior design, this accentuates the look and feel of the room. The rug is available in custom shapes of rectangle, oval, round, and octagon. You can choose your preference in colors and bind stitching from the options given in the buy link.

    12. Talas Sisal Rug


    The bold weave of the rug brings out the intricacy of the craftsmanship, and the earthy brown color adds an accent to the room. This thick, anti-static, and sound-absorbing sisal rug has a self-edged finish with a natural latex backing and a thick cotton canvas border. A rug can be customized as per your liking. Get free sample swatches today!

    13. Oslo Sisal Rug


    Honeycomb patterns in golden beige and dark brown dyed sisal fibers bound by black cotton canvas binding; the rug is as stylish and one-of-a-kind as it is classy. While making the room warm and cozy, this will enhance the aesthetics of your living space. If you don’t like a black border, then choose from 20+ color options available. Customize the size and shape according to the room-space.

    14. Parson Sisal Rug


    Small checkered patterns woven with golden beige and brown sisal fibers by artisan craftsmen, this rug is an original product of the USA. Accent the vibe of your room to rustic-chic with this intricate piece of interior décor. The rug has exclusive customizable features, where you can design the rug choosing the preferred shape, size, binding color, etc. Visit the link above for more information on the product.

    15. Nirvana Sisal Rug


    Light and dark beige checkered sisal rug with golden weavings give your floor a chess-board look. It makes a bold statement of your exquisite taste and eye for the extraordinary. The latex backing prevents the rug from slipping, and thickness cushions the footfall, accenting the comfort factor. As beautiful as it looks, the rug is equally durable to withstand high-traffic.

    16. Osaka Sisal Rug


    The intricate weaving and artsy patterns on the rug will be an absolute head-turner, earning you compliments from visitors. Made from the finest and tensile sisal fibers, this rug is thick enough to add a layer of warmth to the cold hard floors if that’s what you are looking for. Revel in the anti-static, sound-absorbing, flame-resistant, and eco-friendly features of this beautiful rug.

    17. Vida Wool Sisal Rug


    Do you have light wood floors? Then this dark brown handcrafted beauty with a hint of golden weaves is just the right rug choice for you. You can see the intricacy of the fibers bound together by a thick cotton canvas border, the color of which you can customize from the available 20+ shades.

    18. Sonoma Wool Sisal Rug


    As light as the sand on the beach, this one will illuminate the darkest of rooms. If you have a limited natural light source, this one will suit the décor perfectly. The neutral tone also allows you to experiment with colors and shades when picking out the other decorative elements for the room. The thickness is twice of normal rugs, with fire-retardant and sound-absorbing features.

    19. Porto Wool Sisal Rug


    The light beige background of the rug is accentuated by the darker weave drawing uniform patterns all over. The exquisite fabrication and design of the rug is an ode to the craftsmanship of artisan rugmakers in the USA. The rug is self-edged bound by a thick canvas border and non-slip backing of natural latex, perfect areas that experience higher traffic.

    20. Celano Wool Sisal Rug


    Diamond-shaped checkered patterns running through the off-white rug in uniformity, emanating an elegant aura that instantly enhances the vibe of the décor. If you are looking for a lighter color rug to contrast the dark brown flooring, this is the best choice. Choices available in oval, rectangle, octagon, and round shapes!

    These top 20 custom sisal rugs of 2021 will be an exquisite addition to your home/office décor. Whether you are going for a traditional-sophistication, rustic-chic, or modern-contemporary look, the versatility of sisal rugs fits in perfectly, to enrich the appearance and vibe of your interior décor.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    1. Can I use sisal rugs for outdoor use?

    Sisal or any other natural fiber is not suitable for outdoor use as it can become moldy and dirty quite easily.

    2. Are sisal rugs pet-friendly?

    Sisal rugs are durable due to the quality of the fiber, making them pet-friendly.

    3. Does sisal rug stain easily?

    In the event of a spill, you need to follow the cleaning tips mentioned above to prevent the setting of stain.

    4. Is sisal fiber suitable for a hot and humid climate?

    Sisal is a natural dehumidifier, making it perfect for such a climate. Nevertheless, it is suitable for dry and cold temperatures as well.

    5. Should I have slippage concerns with sisal rugs?

    Quality sisal rugs come with a latex backing that prevents slippage.

    Were we helpful in acquainting you with natural fiber sisal rugs? Did you like our selection of top 20 custom sisal rugs of 2021? If yes, then do leave a comment and share our blog. Follow the links given along with the mentioned products to get your very own natural and organic cover for the floor.

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