Top 10 Reasons to Buy Sisal Rugs

Posted by Natural Area Rugs on Feb 4th 2012

If you are considering buying a new area rug, then there are some things you should keep in mind when it comes to materials. The higher quality the materials are, the longer that you can expect to enjoy the area rug. Take for example the highly popular sisal material, extracted from the agave plant. This coarse and extremely durable fiber can withstand the test of time while offering a beautiful complement to your home´s décor. Below are the top ten reasons to buy sisal area rugs, as follows.
  1. They are natural and environmentally-friendly: Sisal area rugs are spun from naturally occurring sisal fibers, that are harvested several times per year and do not harm the environment.
  2. Sisal rugs are sound-absorbing: Sisal area rugs naturally absorb excess sound in your home due to the molecular structure of the fibers.
  3. They are fire-resistant: Sisal is naturally resistant to fire and flames, making them a safer alternative in your home.
  4. They are durable and rigid: Sisal material area rugs are built to withstand even the highest traffic areas of the home.
  5. Sisal is naturally anti-static: The makeup of this durable fiber is naturally anti-static and will repel static electricity in your home.
  6. Sisal is a very affordable medium: Due to its immense popularity, sisal is easily imported and one of the more affordable mediums for area rugs.
  7. Sisal comes in many different patters and weaves: Sisal is commonly found in a wide array of patterns, colors and weaves, making selection easy even for those hard to decorate rooms in the house.
  8. Sisal combination rugs offer multiple benefits: Commonly you can find wool/sisal combination rugs which offer all of the benefits of sisal with the hypoallergenic and naturally anti-bacterial benefits of wool.
  9. They are stain-resistant: Sisal rugs rigid fibers naturally repel stains and dirt.
  10. They are easily cleaned: Sisal rugs can be easily cleaned using a standard vacuum cleaner, and or, warm soap and water.
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