Tips From the Pros: Modern Flooring Alternatives

Posted by Natural Area Rugs on May 17th 2006

From Archway Press It’s called building your “dream home” but sometimes it can become a nightmare. Everyone’s heard the stories of builders installing the wrong this or that, or just plain not following the plans properly. In a project of any kind there are always bound to be mistakes, how many and how bad mostly depends on you. Early planning can save you a lot of headaches and money too. With your house building plans in hand, you can start picking out colors, fabrics, cabinet styles, appliances, bathroom features and other special or custom items early. One of major decisions will be deciding on flooring. Think of your floors (and walls) as the canvas on which you will place your colors and shapes (furniture). You will want your plan to be versatile and a reflection of you.  By exploring new ideas for your residential floor plans create a tasteful and comfortable environment and save money too.
Carpeting is the most popular type of floor covering today. It however, ages the fastest and requires the most care. And, you can never be sure if it is clean. Do yourself a favor and look at what’s available in contemporary flooring before you just settle for carpeting. Explore the wide range of wood, laminate or tile flooring. There are great products created for beauty as well as easy upkeep to fit every budget.
The current trend in environmentally safe products is affecting the flooring market too. Buyers want natural products that are non-toxic, durable and environmentally friendly. Natural fiber rugs such as jute, sisal and natural grass fiber are anti-static and made from all natural fibers. They are also top choices for long wear and style. They are the height of fashion on wood or tile floors and most importantly, they can be spot cleaned or completely removed for cleaning. Highly collectable, area rugs will give years of service and you will never have to worry about what’s really beneath your feet.
Written by Carol Meyer for Archway Press
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