The Roots of Sisal

Posted by Natural Area Rugs on Jun 23rd 2006

Adapted from Sisal has been used for many generations to create rugs and carpets. Sisal is commonly called sisal hemp, although it is not really hemp at all: this name was just associated with other fibrous materials. Sisal received its name from the port in Yucatan from which it was shipped. The ancestry and exact geographical origin is unknown, but is now grown worldwide. Sisal is second only to cotton as the most widely grown agro-based fiber in the world due to its outstanding durability. Sisal fibers can be separated into three grades. The lowest grade sisal is mainly used for paper, the middle grade for ropes and twines, and the highest grade for yarns and carpets. The sisal fibers have a strong affinity for dyes—which makes them very useful in the rug and carpet industry. This versatility allows sisal rugs to be made in a number of color modes. Additionally, sisal does not trap dust since it is static free, which makes sisal carpet very easy to clean. Regular vacuuming will maintain a sisal rug very nicely. has a great collection of sisal rugs and carpets that exemplify the outstanding qualities of sisal fabric. Since we don’t use any synthetics in our sisal carpets, you receive the highest quality products.
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