The Return of Art-Deco in Carpets

Posted by Natural Area Rugs on Feb 25th 2011

The many styles and designs we see today is the blossom of the yester years imaginations and creativity. One of the most famous line or discipline of art in the modern sense is what we know as Art Deco. This type of style ranges from the sleek and flashy lines combined with modern style yet nostalgic and memorable. Art Deco derived its name from the ‘Exposition des Arts Decoratifs’ which was held in Paris, France in 1925. This particular style was first fashionable between the eras of the rolling 1920’s and the pre-war-post war rackets of the 1940’s. The style was often attributed and widely used in It was often used in cruise liners, and many Hollywood movies of the 1930s made use of such design concept. In homes and offices almost furniture and object made the drop to the Art Deco mood. From sofa to seats, carpets and rugs and even vases and walls are design and influence by Art Deco. One fantastic example is the remake of the blockbuster hit Titanic portrayed the Art Deco ambience of the ship’s lobby and all its surroundings.

Most of the time Art Deco is confused with the Art Nouveau style, the Art Nouveau style can be seen the designs of the sets and ambience in the movie the Golden Compass. Although in the market today, Art Nouveau rugs are available still contemporary rugs are much prepared for most offices and modern apartments. The reason for this is that these kinds of designs and style blend beautifully with the sleek minimalist approaches with the new high rise and modern architecture. In this line Art Deco style is more modern and apparent in its outlook. As with all styles, it was heavily influenced by ideas and fashions of the time. Today Art deco comes in many renditions. Contemporary rugs, those who had playful mix of colors and patterns comes in various sizes and materials. Much of them are made from modern and synthetic ones.

With much culture inter mingling these items and their design was influenced by many artists and trends. Furniture and rugs in these themes are sometime associated with Picasso and Cubist style. Many rugs now have varied striking geometric patterns, like repeating triangles and checkerboard, or in a plain color with a contrasting border around the edges of the room.

Newer items and rug designs is characterised by clean, geometric and elegant lines that replaced the excessive decoration of previous styles. Today contemporary rugs with Art Deco popular around the world and is more and more acceptable by new generations who are delighted by its simplicity, style, design, superior materials and finishes.

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