The Myth Behind Oriental Rugs

Posted by Natural Area Rugs on Feb 1st 2011

Today’s homes are not complete without one or more of kitchen rugs, carpet, rug pad or the sort. The design of the rugs and the patterns in which they come adds to the aesthetics and beauty of the room and serving its all other purpose in protecting floors and surfaces.

But the piece of rug or carpet that we have is not just a “piece” per se but to some this might be a good investment. In the eyes of an art connoisseur a well made piece of oriental rug or Persian rug can be a money well spent and in a few years time of care would fetch off a good price for antique collectors.

Oriental rugs have been valued throughout the world and it is one of the well-known as well delighted works of art. Persian and oriental rugs have wealthy history. Some experts refer their origins to Persia (now Iran). Its cultural significance was accepted by people around the world, and until now it is as popular as it was ever before. Its popularity was due to the quality of materials it was made from, the meticulous workmanship and amount of work, and also the complicated designs and patterns. The Oriental carpet made its way to be an important social and cultural object.

Persian rugs have adorned the houses of the nobles and royalties. As an object of art itself , it has been connected with various representations. It shows the art of skilled master weavers, their artistry and inspiration. Not only considered in its aesthetic value but also of its use and function. The way it was knotted, its shape and design that have served it purpose in the homes, and instil it pieces of furniture that can be an heirloom object a precious inheritance which can be passed from one generation to the other.

Persian rugs is an object of common use aside from its origin of being a potential work of artistic expression. Oriental rugs come as close to functional arts piece. Its is used in home and serves as a purpose. This might as well express the idea that some of these treasured items are ravaged by everyday use and the passing of time. There are thousands of selections for oriental rugs, Persian rugs area rugs and other products. Each of them are apparently distinguished by manufacturing , and then style, workmanship, materials. So often today the Persian rugs has been sought after by people who has taste and class. For common people would settle only for less expensive area rugs and carpets. The high end class would sought the one of a kind and unique.

Rare Persian rugs are made by hand while commercial ones are machine made. The tufting is different the texture and even the color. But hoaxers are able to somehow duplicate the texture and color of handmade ones. Discriminating buyers can detect the handmade original by its colors and the texture. And so the advise is that one should consider the source or supplier of rugs if they are credible and honest about their products.

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