The charm of Kilim rugs: Witnessing vintage craftsmanship in its purest form

Posted by Natural Area Rugs on Jul 28th 2021

Even the most ghastly-looking rooms can instantly transform into lively heaven when they meet the vivid color palettes and striking patterns of exquisite Kilim rugs. The roots of Kilim rugs go back to the nomadic people of the Middle East. In fact, 'Kilim' is a Turkish word that refers to a pileless texture. In the rug term, the pile is used to describe the density of the surface of the rug. For example, a Moroccan rug has a thick pile, whereas the pile of a Kilim rugis flat and thin. Kilim rugs are made from 100% wool which makes them smooth for the skin and stellar for the eyes.

What makes Kilim rugs different?

The primary difference between a Kilim rug and other types of handmade rugs is the flatweave pattern. A flatweave rug is woven on a loom, and it isn’t knotted. Instead, the flatweaves are created by interlocking warps in the vertical direction and weft threads in the horizontal direction. As flatweave rugs have no piles, they need lesser materials and labor to be completed.

Kilim rugs are strikingly different from ordinary rugs because of their simple and bold motifs that come in five types-

  • Animal
  • Plants
  • Geometric
  • Symbolic (natural and emotional events), and
  • Mixed (a blend of symbols)

Also, these rugs are sometimes referred to as “slit-woven textiles” because there are small vertical slits along the edges of the pattern, between different colors where all the shades meet. The slits look spectacular because they add an HD effect to the geometric shapes in the design.

Perks of Kilim Rugs

  • Many people use rugs for better insulation during the winter months, and then when summer arrives they bring out their more lightweight rugs. However, Kilim rugs are suitable all year round, and they are good on insulation along with being breathable.
  • Homeowners often don’t place a high-value antique or Persian rug in zones of high traffic where their dog spends most of its time or where their little ones play. But, a Kilim rug is family-friendly because of its flatweave nature. Flatweave rugs are super easy to clean, handle and move around, so you can place them in any area of your home or commercial establishment irrespective of the traffic in that zone.
  • Kilim rugs are available in a myriad of hues, and they look bold enough to inject a splash of color into your space. So, if you love experimenting or adorning your décor with bright pieces, then a Kilim rug is your ideal option.
  • Kilim rugs have no pile, and so they don’t shed. So, you will have less dust, allergens, and pollutants collected on your carpet.

The bottom line

Usually, the Turkish and Persian rugs are on the higher end of spend, but Kilim rugs are an exception. The Kilim rugs are relatively lower in cost, and they look absolutely stunning. If you are a fan of vibrant accents, Bohemian layers, and Moroccan patterns then Kilim rugs can be your ultimate décor darling. They can enchant you from the core and make you fall in love with your interiors by complimenting everything in your ambiance effortlessly. 

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