The Best Carpet For Allergies: What To Look For

The Best Carpet For Allergies: What To Look For

Posted by Natural Area Rugs on Feb 26th 2019

hoosing the best carpet for allergies can make a big difference in your family’s health. It can also be a big advantage leading into flu season, helping prevent respiratory particles from distributing throughout the air.

Natural Area Rugs knows that floor covering is an essential element in interior design. And while, when it comes to rugs, “good for allergies” might not be the first thing you think to look for, it can be just as important as your rug’s style or color.

Our natural fiber area rugs have become the most popular solution among homeowners because of their eco-friendliness, with our charming natural sisal rugs being one of the top choices. However, many people wonder whether sisal is appropriate for people with allergies and don’t know whether there’s a difference between sisal and jute rugs. So, if you or your family members frequently experience allergic reactions, you should definitely find out what kind of carpets and rugs you should use in your home.

The Best Carpet For Allergies

Is carpet bad for people with allergies?

You’d be surprised to learn how many toxins and allergens hide in a regular carpet or area rug. According to a study conducted by the National Center for Biotechnology Information, installing carpets exposes individuals to an increased level of allergens and other particles, causing a range of adverse health effects such as eye irritation, nasal and respiratory issues, headaches, skin reactions, etc.

Of course, if you go with natural fiber area rugs from our high-quality collection, you won’t have to think twice about carpet-induced allergies because our top-notch coverings are completely safe!

Floor coverings and allergens

Carpets and area rugs gather a great amount of dirt and allergens, including dust, mites, pet dander, etc. Although some argue that floor coverings prevent these particles from circulating in the air, they can be easily released by even the slightest movement, reducing your indoor air quality. Consequently, you and your family members are left exposed to a great level of allergens that you can inhale.

What’s more, if you have small children who have just started crawling around and exploring the world around them, they are highly likely to come into direct contact with allergens that can endanger their weak immune system.

However, when it comes to  our area rug selection, this is not an issue! Our charming floor coverings are a great pick when you’re looking for the best carpet for allergy sufferers, since they’re made of natural fibers that are easy to clean. They don’t collect a lot of allergens and even those particles that manage to stick to the fibers of our green rugs can be removed effortlessly.

Carpets, rugs and VOCs

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are a mixture of different chemicals found in a range of different household products, including conventional carpets and area rugs. Typically, new floor coverings have that harsh smell that comes from these compounds. However, VOCs are not only found in carpets, but they are also emitted into the air through the process of off-gassing, which consequently affects the quality of indoor air.

Carpets and rugs can contain a range of different VOCs contained within adhesives, carpet backings and the face fiber. The level of VOCs becomes even higher if you choose carpeting and rug solutions dyed using VOC-rich paint. Also, floor coverings can emit VOCs for up to five years. Prolonged exposure to these chemicals, especially if there’s a high level of VOCs in your carpets, rugs and other household products, can cause various health problems, both temporary and long-term.

What about Natural Area Rug collection?  It’s completely VOC- and toxin-free! We make sure that all of our rugs are made of 100% natural materials and produced according to eco-friendly manufacturing standards. So, if you choose our natural fiber rugs and carpets, you won’t be exposed to any harmful substances that might endanger you and your family.

What are the symptoms of carpet allergy?

If you’re not sure whether you or some of your family members are experiencing allergic reactions caused by your carpets or rugs, you should see if you exhibit some of the following symptoms:

    • Sneezing
    • Coughing
    • Wheezing
    • Runny or stuffy nose
    • Skin redness and irritation
    • Watery, itchy and sensitive eyes
    • Swollen or blue-colored skin under the eyes
    • Headaches
    • Breathing difficulties
    • Fatigue
    • Upper respiratory problems

People who are suffering from asthma may experience these symptoms to a more severe extent. Small children may not know how to explain their symptoms, so you should keep your eyes open or consult a doctor who can schedule allergy testing.

Types of hypoallergenic area rugs

Hypoallergenic Area Rugs

Hypoallergenic area rugs are a great fit for any home, especially when removing carpets isn’t an option. While some people don’t have beautiful hardwood floors to display, others don’t want to give up the appeal and warmth of stylish area rugs.

Luckily, there’s no need to remove your floor coverings altogether. Instead, you can just go with healthy rug and carpeting solutions appropriate for people who suffer from allergies - safe, eco-friendly rugs from the Natural Area Rugs collection.

    • Sisal rugs - As a low-pile solution, our sisal rugs don’t trap allergens and dirt deep within their fibers. Our rugs are intricately woven, so there’s a small chance of fiber shedding. Also, since they shouldn’t be cleaned with moisture, our sisal rugs aren’t suitable for the growth of mold and mildew, so you don’t have to worry about these allergens either.
    • Jute rugsNatural Area Rugs jute coverings are another great hypoallergenic solution for modern homes. Our jute rugs are soft, yet allergens don’t stick to their fibers, which makes them extremely easy to clean and perfect for your home.
    • Seagrass and mountain grass rugsSimilarly to jute and sisal, the natural grass rugs from our collection are another healthy choice for people with allergies. They don’t shed or collect a lot of allergens. Also, they are tightly woven, which prevents allergens and dirt from hiding within their fibers.
    • Wool rugs - When it comes to our wool rug solutions, they are also one of the best choices if you suffer from allergies. They trap allergens that are circulating in your indoor air, which are then easily removed from their fibers. What’s more, our wool rugs are made from a non-allergenic and moisture-resistant material that prevents bacteria and mold from growing.

What are sisal rugs?

Rugs Good For Allergies

The sisal rugs from our vast selection are one of the most popular natural fiber flooring coverings that bring more than a few benefits to a modern home. Our area rugs made from sisal fiber are extremely durable and versatile, enabling homeowners to use them in a range of different spaces. Since they are quite strong, our sisal rugs are appropriate for high-traffic areas like hallways and stairs.

If you’re wondering how sisal rugs from Natural Area Rugs will affect your allergies, you can stop worrying because our rugs are completely healthy. Since they are eco-friendly and sustainable, they don’t contain VOCs. Also, if you clean sisal rugs naturally and properly, you can easily get rid of any possible allergens that might be hiding there. However, since these rugs are low pile, there won’t be a lot of dirt, allergens or toxins within their fibers in the first place.

Choose Natural Area Rugs and forget about allergies

Whether you’re suffering from allergies or you simply want to create a healthy, toxin- and allergen-free home, you should look no further than our collection of chic natural fiber rugs. Our vast selection of natural rugs is free from VOCs and harmful chemicals, so you don’t have to worry about exposing your loved ones to these substances.

We offer a range of high-quality natural sisal rugs, seagrass solutions, jute embellishments and others that will elevate and cozy up your home in a heartbeat. You can find both ready-made and custom-designed solutions that can fit into your space perfectly.

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