The Benefits of Natural Sisal Rugs and Carpets

Posted by Natural Area Rugs on Jan 3rd 2012

Woven from the natural fibers of the sisal plant, natural sisal rugs are as environmentally friendly as other natural rugs that are made from hemp, jute, or coir. Not only is a natural sisal rug a "green friendly rug", but natural sisal rugs or carpets are also highly durable and resilient. Artificial rugs just can´t compare to the quality of a natural fiber rug, such as sisal rugs, mats, or carpets.

Maintaining and Cleaning a Natural Sisal Rug or Carpet

The maintenance and cleaning of sisal rugs are both easy, because the sisal fibers do not attract or collect static or dust. Natural sisal rugs are a low maintenance rug, however natural sisal is an organic fiber that does not stand well against water or humidity. For that reason, a natural sisal rug should not be used in a bathroom, kitchen, or outdoor. Synthetic sisal rugs can be placed in a garden, on a porch or deck, or in an outdoor dining area, but when selecting a natural fiber carpet you will find better quality with the "real thing". When cleaning a natural sisal rug, you should only use a dry cleaning method. Any form of moisture can stain and shrink a natural sisal rug or mat. Maintaining a sisal carpet with an occasional (dry) vacuuming should be plenty to keep a clean natural sisal rug or sisal carpet. If a stain or spot on a natural sisal rug or sisal carpet does occur, immediate attention is the best. Dab away liquids (don´t rub or smear) with an un-dyed rag or paper towel. Work quickly to pull out all liquids, and then dry with a hair dryer.

Selecting Natural Sisal Pattern Rugs or Sisal Carpets

The greatest thing about natural fiber carpet, mats, and rugs are that the color and patterns go well with anything. The natural sisal rugs design blends perfectly into its surroundings, almost like a chameleon, so there is no need to be overly selective of a natural sisal pattern rug or carpet design. With natural colors and simple patterns, natural sisal rugs designs are non intrusive, while at the same time these high quality pattern rugs are sure to impress company and visitors. Stylish natural sisal carpet stands out, without empowering a room.

Free Shipping on Natural Sisal Carpet

Ordering natural sisal carpet online has many benefits. From finding the best natural sisal carpet for your home by browsing through extensive sisal carpet collections to finding the best price by ordering discount sisal rugs and carpet direct you just can´t beat it! To top it all off, free shipping on natural sisal rugs and carpets is an extra perk to ordering natural sisal rugs online. A natural sisal carpet can be delivered right to your door and you will receive your natural sisal rug or carpet directly, and much quicker and more affordable than if you were to order a natural sisal carpet from a store.

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