Spring Time Design Inspiration for Your Home

Spring Time Design Inspiration for Your Home

Posted by Natural Area Rugs on Apr 14th 2017

It is spring and this is a great time to redecorate your home.  Spring always brings new interior design trends and colors.  Take a look at what will be in fashion this year and see which of these things your home just can’t do without.

Going Green

Staying eco–friendly and going green has been in fashion for a while, but never more so than now.  If you want to give your home a new design or look that is long lasting, you can do it with a plethora of eco–friendly products.  Some of these products include things like house paint that is toxin free and cabinetry hardware that is antique.  Beyond that, you can scour the antique furniture stores for those hardwood pieces you have been longing for.

Be Natural

Nature is popular this spring too.  Because of this, you can’t go wrong with natural fabrics.  Think about seagrass, mountain grass, sisal, and jute as great fibers for natural area rugs that will be perfect for use in any room in your home.  These can soften rooms that have a bit much in the way of color and they can also give your home a more natural appearance, even if you aren’t really the type to go totally green.  You can always find a great selection of natural fiber rugs at Natural Area Rugs.

Jute Rugs

Photo Credit:  The Lighting Judge

Have a Great Color Palette

Don’t be afraid to mix it up a bit… the colors, that is.  Mix those bright, bold colors with neutral tones like those found in natural fiber fabrics.  You might even think about painting a room with a bright color and then having neutral colors for the accent pieces, furniture, and rugs.  Alternatively, have a neutral color on the walls combined with bright colors for the pieces in the room.

Get Inspired

The outdoors can be a great place to get inspiration.  When you are getting your color palette together, take a look at coastlines, mountains, and beaches.  Turquoise, mossy greens, and ocean blues will be big this year, and all of these colors mesh well with neutral colors, which makes it easy to bring more definition to a room.  Try not to go overboard and make an entire room a single color though.

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