Sisal Broadloom Carpets

Posted by Natural Area Rugs on Apr 6th 2012

Broadloom carpet is carpet that can be custom made to any size you need, including wall to wall carpeting. Currently, you can choose from broadloom carpet that is made from all natural, Earth friendly materials such as mountain grass, Sisal and wool. These are only a few of the many choices, however, there are many different materials that help you have a green home as well as a unique and beautifully carpeted home.

Ordering Broadloom Carpet

The first thing you will want to know when you custom order broadloom carpet is the material you want to use. Wool is a good choice if you want a softer, more traditional carpet that is comfortable even in bare feet. Other choices, such as Sisal, are an excellent choice when you want a hypo-allergenic carpet that is custom made for your home. Sisal carpet is made from plant based materials, and unlike other traditional carpeting, will not trap dust. You can vacuum your Sisal carpeting as normal, or you can ask a carpet professional about cleaning once or twice a year.

Blended Carpet

Most people enjoy the softness of wool, but also want to have less dust and an easy to care for carpet in their home. If you want the best of both wool and other Earth friendly materials, then you can choose a blended broadloom carpet for your home. Blended Sisal carpet is made from 53% wool, and 47% Sisal for the best combination of softness and durability. Wool is a good choice if you have a busy home, since the fibers work as an air cleaner, taking gases out of the air and neutralizing them naturally. The addition of Sisal adds to the effectiveness of the carpet as a natural way to avoid home pollutants, since the Sisal does not harbor dust or bacteria as traditional carpets do.

Custom Orders

You can customer order your Sisal broadloom carpet to the exact size you need, and have your Sisal carpet delivered to your home. You can also have several Sisal broadloom carpets made for different area of your home, and add some matching entryway carpets or runners that tie the décor of your home together. Your Sisal broadloom carpet will have a custom border in the color of your choosing. The borders are made from cotton, and can be either neutrally colored to match a changing décor or a contrasting color that fits your style perfectly. The shape of your carpet can also be customized to meet your personal needs. Oval, rectangular and circular carpets are all popular choices for custom made Sisal carpet. Lastly, you can choose the weave you would like for your Sisal carpet.

Carpet Weaves

Although it may seem like a minor detail, the weave of your broadloom Sisal carpet is an important choice. A flat weave will provide your rooms with a clean look and feel, while a carpet weave that has some body and thickness provides a warmer, more inviting feel.

Ordering Carpet Online from Natural Area Rugs

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