Shag is Back

Posted by Natural Area Rugs on Jul 17th 2012

It's official - shag rugs are back! Shag rugs were huge in the 70’s and came is only ugly colors! Today we have some of the best contrast shag rugs available on the market. They are all eco-friendly and come in beautiful colors. The new shag rugs are made from Polyester twisted yarn with 100% cotton backing.

Shag rugs are rugs that have a deep pile, much deeper than the average rug. This means you have an extra thick rich pile that feels remarkably soft on your feet!  This is why these rugs are sometimes referred to as shag pile rugs. The result of these longer yard strands is addictive, luxurious comfort. These are rugs you can really sink your feet into, due to the nature of hand-tufted rugs, shedding may occur for first use but diminish over time.

Shag rugs are best in the rooms in your home where you crave a little bit of extra comfort and relaxation, like the bedroom. You know how horrible it is to get up in the morning and place your feet on a stone-cold floor? Put your shag pile rug right by the bed so that the first thing you feel when your feet hit the floor is its rich, cozy texture. You can also place these fabulous contrast shag rugs in your living room or family room, so that after a hard day at work you can throw off your business shoes and treat your tired feet to the plush comfort.

Now, if you are thinking that because you had shag rug you have to find retro furniture to match, think again!  Shag area rugs are a wonderful addition to a room that features a contemporary style. Contemporary design often relies on sleek lines and smooth furniture, and the texture of a shaggy rug provides the perfect contrast. This allows your room's decor to achieve balance.

Our Shag Rugs will add comfort to your living area with their plush fibers, and natural beauty. These area carpets from Natural Area Rugs shed less than other shag carpets and are more durable than wool rugs: they are easy to clean with a vacuum attachment or a damp cloth. We use hand-tufted high quality yarn that is appealing to the eyes, and soft to the touch. Our shag rugs feature a shag pile just under 2 1/4" thick to ensure a soft cushion on your floor. These rugs are backed with canvas. An accompanying rug pad is recommended

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