Secure your Family with a Rug Pad

Posted by Natural Area Rugs on Sep 29th 2012

A rug pad is a material pad that you place under your area rugs throughout your home for a variety of reasons. You may have purchased the rug of your dreams and may have not known that a rug pad is essential to the rugs longevity. Buying rug pad to secure your family and the value of the rug is just as important as buying a quality rug. The rug pad can make or break your experience with the area rug you've purchased.

Rug pads can help in different ways. First, a rug pad protects the rug itself, adding more life to the rug. The rug pad absorbs the impact from people walking on the carpet, therefore reduces the wear and tear it receives on a daily basis. This is especially true if you allow people to wear shoes in your home. Shoes can be an area rugs worst nightmare. Shoes are much harder on the fibers of a rug in comparison to bare feet. A rug pad can help reduce the chances of wearing the carpet earlier than expected.

Secondly, the rug pad adds comfort to your area rugs. If the area rug is placed on a hard floor such as tile, it could hurt your back after years of walking on it. A rug pad creates a cushion under the rug, making it more comfortable to walk on. If you have little kids or older people living your home, the rug pad can make it comfortable for young or old feet to walk on the rug.

Another reason you should purchase a rug pad to secure your family is to prevent falls and slips. It's easy if you or someone in your family is in a hurry, rushing through the house to trip or slip on an area rug without a rug pad. A rug pad makes area rugs slip resistant. Area rugs that are the most vulnerable are those without any furniture on them because there's no weight holding them down.

Some of the most common area rugs without furniture are runners or area rugs in the center of a bedroom. Most of these types of area rugs may claim to be slip-resistant but place them on a newly polished hardwood floor and see how they hold up. Besides, the slip-resistant backing on most area rugs gets worn very quickly, leaving you with an accident waiting to happen.

Lastly, rug pads can help prevent the growth of harmful mold. Mold growth in moist, dark places such as under your area rugs. Rug pads are mold and moister resistant, keeping mold at a distance. If you develop mold it can be a major health issue for your family and could ruin your carpet.

The features of the premium lock rug pad include: protection of your rug and floors, extended rug life, makes vacuuming easier, they're washable for easy cleaning, easy to cut and fit to any size and is resist to curling.

If you want to maintain the value in your area rugs and keep your family safe and secure, invest in rug pads. Most of them come in a standard size you can cut to fit to the rugs you want them under.

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