Seagrass Rugs: Environmentally Friendly and Easy to Clean

Posted by Natural Area Rugs on Sep 30th 2011

Seagrass rugs are one of the best choices for your high traffic living areas, since the material is easy to clean and durable enough for even the busiest homes. Plus, seagrass is one hundred percent natural, making it an environmentally friendly choice for your home or office.

Features of Seagrass Rugs

Seagrass rugs are made from seagrass, which is similar to other dried grasses in terms of texture. The rug itself will be rigid, making it perfect for high traffic rooms where dirt and spills are likely to accumulate. Natural seagrass rugs are very easy to clean, especially since they are non-porous and will not absorb liquids easily. Natural rugs are always a great choice for a healthy home atmosphere, because they contain none of the harmful chemicals that traditional carpeting does. Seagrass rugs are great for nurseries and playrooms. All natural materials are not only cleaner, they are also safer than chemically treated flooring options that can cause allergies and even illness in those who are sensitive to the chemicals used in manufacturing.

Colors and Styles

Seagrass rugs are naturally light brown. This is a great neutral color that works well in any room, although you can always add a splash of color by choosing a bright outside border on your seagrass rug. The color of the border can be customized to fit your personal tastes, or you can choose a readymade border color such as red, black or white. You can also have your seagrass rugs customized to fit any area in your home, or in a certain shape that is not sold commercially.

Custom Seagrass Rugs

Custom seagrass rugs are an excellent way to provide wall to wall flooring without the hassle of installing carpeting. This all natural alternative is also more environmentally friendly that traditional carpeting, and easier to care for as well. When you want to custom order seagrass rugs, then you will need an idea of the specific colors and size that you want before you order. Most high quality seagrass rugs that are customized cannot be returned, so double check your measurements before you order. You will be able to choose the corners and the weave of your seagrass rugs when you custom order, giving you even more versatility and style. You will also want to remember to order rug pads for your area rugs, especially if you have slippery hardwood floors.

What to Look For

When you order seagrass rugs online, you will want to make sure that you are working with a high quality company. High quality natural rugs can be custom made, and have a natural border material. Cotton is one of the best types of materials for a natural rug border, since it can be easily colored to your specification and is durable enough to last several years or more. You will also want to choose an online company that offers quick and reasonable shipping. Many of the companies that offer natural rugs also provide free shipping, and a short wait for even customized rugs.

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