Rugs that go Hand in Hand with a Dark Sofa

Rugs that go Hand in Hand with a Dark Sofa

Posted by Natural Area Rugs on Sep 9th 2019

If you have a dark sofa, you might be perplexed as to what type of area rug you should get to bring the look of your room together. Thankfully, nowadays, decorating living rooms with different types of styles is fashionable and fresh. The look of a dark sofa in a living room is able to be enhanced with different types of décor to create an overall visual balance that will bring harmony to the space. You might think that this can be a difficult task to pull off, but it doesn’t have to be.

Rugs That Go Hand In Hand With A Dark Sofa

Mixing Old and New

Have you considered breaking the look of your living room down to contrasts? You might want to try this and have new looks and styles meet old ones. Dark sofas can be balanced out with rugs that have a light shade so that the desirable contrast is achieved. For example, you might consider the Cyprus Wool Rug or the Lazio Wool Rug from Natural Area Rugs. Try pairing one of these rugs with soft cream or white accent pillows and a coffee table made from a light - colored material and you will be able to achieve the perfect look! Add to these accents an ancient looking wall clock and you have the ideal combination of old and new.

This is just one of the ways that you can decorate with a couch or sofa that is dark. Possibilities for rug colors to pair with dark furnishings include light neutral tones like those that can be found in rugs that are made from natural fibers.


You might also decide to focus on textures that are complimentary. If your couch has a rich texture, you might want a more detailed texture for your rug, such as that you can find in the  Malaga Sisal Rugs offered by Natural Area Rugs. Doing this can add an opulent, cozy feeling to any living room. Getting rugs with simple textures can add to there being a more streamlined look to a dark couch, while bold patterns can add a bit of panache to a room that has a dark couch with a solid texture.

No matter what type of rug you need to go with your dark couch, you can’t go wrong with area rugs made from natural fibers.   

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