Rug Pads: Why must you use rug pads under area rugs?

Rug Pads: Why must you use rug pads under area rugs?

Posted by Natural Area Rugs on Apr 1st 2021

Hours of research are gone to select the best rug that suits your home decor but you throw it on the floor. Not just the rug but your time too! No matter how expensive or quality of the rug carpets, they tend to curl up, becomes bumpy, or cause slips and falls. The solution is to use rug pads. Rug Pads have safety benefits, plus helps in beautifying your rug. Here are some benefits of using rug pads

Enhance the Appeal of a Rug

Rug pads add an extra luxurious look and feel to your area rug. Place properly, it cancels out uneven lines from the floor and maintains a uniform surface throughout the rug carpet. Also, it acts as a cushioning under the rugs, making them feel softer.

Sound Reduction

Annoyed by footstep sounds much? Your rug is not enough to prevent that. Natural fiber rugs such as Sisal have noise-canceling properties but it’s the rug pads that do the job better for any rug.

Rug Pads Add Traction and Anchor the Rugs

Natural Area rugs may create a little traction to your steps, but it’s not enough to prevent all accidents. Rugs with latex backing have an enhanced grip. But to keep them on the hardwood floor in one place, rug pads are mandatory. Using a rug pad will give you peace of mind around elderly people and children as it holds and anchors your area rug safely in place. Opt for non-slip rug pads for extra safety. It will also help by making regular vacuuming more convenient.

Boost Cleanliness

Rugs can harbor allergens and dust under them. Rug pads help to prevent mildew, mold, and odors under the area rugs. The logic behind is simple. They allow more air circulation and thus stop building up bacteria under your rug.

Rug Pads Increase the Lifespan of Rugs

This goes without saying. Being a layer between the floor and your rug, it protects the rugs from being crushed from the bottom side. You may not be able to see the wear and tear below as it stays hidden from your sight but it happens and destroys your rug from within. Rug pads increase the lifespan by acting as an extended buffer between your rug and the floor and prolong the life of your rug.

Protect the floor and the rug with the best quality rug pads. Choose one that matches your rug style. Placing a thick cushiony rug pad under a thin rug is not an optimum option. Natural rugs such as wool rugs require them the most to maintain their integrity. Rugs woven poorly or with average fibers must have pads underneath. If you are concerned about the eco-friendliness of the rug pad, try our all-natural options here

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