Rug Pad Benfits

Posted by Natural Area Rugs on Aug 15th 2012

If you've ever owned an area rug, you know it doesn't take long before they begin to show signs of wear and tear. Especially if the area rug is placed in a high-traffic location, it can really take a beating. Some of the highest traffic places to put an area rug are in a place of business or at the front door of a large family. Certain measures may be taken to reduce the wear of your area rug by installing rug pads. The benefits of using rug pads far outweigh the small expense it takes to purchase them.

No Slipping

One of the best advantages of installing rug pads is that they make your area rugs slip-proof. Especially if your area rugs are placed on hard, non-porous floors such as tile or hardwood, the chances of an accident occurring is pretty good. A rug pad will make your area rug virtually stationary. If you have young children or the area rug is in a place of business, a rug pad can save you a hospital visit or the chances of lawsuit due to a fall. While most rugs come with a non-slip backing, many are not very good quality or are made from materials that don't comply with backing such as a bamboo rug. With a rug pad, you won't every have to worry or wonder if your area rug is secure.

Prevent Mold

Rug pads are made to help eliminate odor and the growth of bacteria. One of the most common places mold and other allergens are found in a home are in rugs. Rugs that are directly placed on a floor without the use of a rug pad can easily grow mold and mildew during hot and humid months of the year. Certain molds can lead to severe allergic reactions resulting in critical medical conditions. Rug pads elevate the fibers of the rug from the floor underneath with a mold-proof material. This can also help reduce unpleasant smells that can develop from mildew.

Keep it Looking New

Another incredible benefit of using rug pads is that they extend the life of your valuable area rugs. Area rugs experience a lot of foot traffic when placed in common areas such as doctor's offices or living rooms. Over time the fibers from the carpet will begin to wear in the places where people walk the most. Using a rug pad prevents most of the wearing, leaving you with a quality area rug that looks brand new. Instead of the rug fibers getting smothered between a shoe and hard floor, the rug pad absorbs the impact resulting in little harm.

Using a rug pad is a win-win situation. Although it will initially cost a few bucks, it will add years to the life and look of your area rugs. An area rug without a rug pad is destined to have a shorter lifespan than one that is protected and maintained with one.

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