Purify the Air in Your Home With a Wool Rug

Posted by Natural Area Rugs on May 22nd 2012

Many people are entirely unaware of how beneficial a wool area rug can be for their home. Wool area rugs are smart choice for the environmentally conscious are hypoallergenic, and have anti-bacterial qualities. Wool rugs are also harvested from a naturally occurring resource. The sheep may not even mind: they are shorn only a few times per year when their coats are thick and ready, just like an overdue haircut.

Wool is Hypoallergenic

Many people do not know that wool is hypoallergenic and will not cause allergies in most people. It is also a strong, sturdy fabric that can handle high-traffic areas of the home without deteriorating too quickly. And, wool tends to cost less than other popular rug materials, making it an ideal medium. Anti-Bacterial Qualities Lots of people do not know that many odors in your home are actually caused by bacteria forming, which expel an odor that can be noticeable. Wool is in its very nature anti-bacterial and will help to purify the air in your home. Think of having a wool area rug as having a way to naturally clean the air and the pollutants found in and around your home. Finally, wool can be woven into a wide variety of different patterns. Using natural dyes, weavers can create complex patterns using wool. Or they can tuft it and make delicate and soft shag rugs with generous piles. Wool is also commonly used in combination with another popular area rug material: sisal. When combined, the two make a sturdy, lush, high-quality rug. Sisal is fire-resistant, stain-resistant and sound absorbing. These qualities, when combined with wool's anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic characteristics, make the combination of these two rugs a one-of-a-kind.

Natural Wool Rugs: A Durable and Cozy Addition to Your Home

Wool is a common material used for a variety of purposes. Its versatility and durability makes it the perfect material for clothing, cleaning tools, blankets, and even insulation. One of its greatest uses, however, is in natural wool rugs. Natural wool rugs can stand the test of time and handle high traffic areas in your home with ease. In fact, natural wool rugs have been known to last in excess of twenty years when well cared for. The reason behind this is the unique makeup of natural wool rugs. Tightly woven and thick, natural wool rugs do not damage easily and even trap in air pollutants, making natural wool rugs an air purifier in addition to an excellent accent piece. Natural wool rugs are also resistant to liquids and fire and only need to be professionally cleaned every few years.

Where to Place Wool Rugs

Because they are so durable, natural wool rugs will work well in any area of your home. One of the best places to utilize natural wool rugs is in the kitchen or dining area. This is because of its ability to withstand spills and fires, and because natural wool rugs are easily cleaned. Natural wool rugs are also a cozy addition to your living area. As they come in a variety of sizes, textures, and patterns, it is not difficult to find natural wool rugs for any area of your home. One excellent feature of natural wool rugs, due to its thickness, is its ability to soften the sound of footprints. So, if there is an area of your home that is particularly noisy, this is the perfect place to add natural wool rugs. Not only are natural wool rugs an excellent addition to your indoor décor, they can also be used outdoors. This is because natural wool rugs are highly resistant to moisture as well as humidity. In addition, natural wool rugs are a great choice for indoor or outdoor use because they do not contain toxic chemicals and are therefore non-allergenic.

Patterns and Designs of Natural Wool Rugs

Not only is wool a versatile material in the products that can be made from it, it is also easily manipulated to take on numerous patterns, designs, and colors. For this reason, you will not have to search far to find the perfect combination of colors and patterns in your natural wool rugs to flawlessly match your décor.

Ordering Natural Rugs Online

The world of online shopping has never been easier or more secure. Instead of wasting precious time and gas on hopping from store to store, trying to find the exact natural wool rugs that fit your home, you will be able to find exactly what you need online. Another benefit to ordering natural wool rugs online is the offer of free shipping, which saves you even more. Plus, you will be able to match sizes, styles, and patterns to your home without ever having to set foot in an overpriced home store. There isn´t much more convenient or easy on your pocket book than ordering natural wool rugs online.

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