Now Trending – Layering Cowhide and Sisal

Now Trending – Layering Cowhide and Sisal

Posted by Natural Area Rugs on May 4th 2019

Now Trending Layering Cowhide And Sisal

Natural fiber area rugs, like those that are created from sisal, are able to bring a texture that is eye – popping and a warmth that is natural to any space that they are placed in. Did you know though, that you can carry that look a step further with a single simple trick? Just add another layer to it. When you layer area rugs, you add an entirely new dimension to the look and feel of it…just as a cardigan or a scarf can add another dimension to your outfit. You can layer the area rugs with ones that are made from nearly any material, pattern or color you want that will complement the space that it is in. One trending option to think about though is to layer it with a cowhide rug. Rugs that are made from cowhide don’t need any sort of bright colors in order to get attention. They come with a shape that is unique and will make the rug stand out. Also, you can depend on the natural shade of the cowhide area rug to fit in perfectly with your existing décor.

Being able to get this layered look just right is actually quite simple. You don’t even need to have a talent for design in order to try this growing trend in your home. If you want to place it in your living room, try centering it on top of a sisal rug or even under the coffee table. If you happen to have a massive sisal area rug under your bed in your master bedroom, put the cowhide area rug right at the foot of the bed with part of it on the sisal area rug and the other part extending past the sisal rug. You might even try to incorporate the cowhide area rug into the décor in your dining room. If you happen to have a table that is round, centering the area rug made from cowhide under it is a good idea. You can also tinker with a variety of different options in each room in your home in order to get a good sense of what will look great and what should be rethought.

It only takes one simple little tweak to elevate the style in any room, so go ahead and try the layered look in your office or in your home. Don’t be afraid to try new things.

When you are ready to take the next step in style for your décor, head on over to Natural Area Rugs. Aside from having a massive selection of natural fiber area rugs for you to choose from, they also have a friendly and knowledgeable staff to help you through the process.

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