Natural Home Decor: 5 Must-Have Elements for Your Urban Jungle Home

Natural Home Decor: 5 Must-Have Elements for Your Urban Jungle Home

Jun 19th 2020

Perfect your desired Urban Jungle by incorporating these five must-have decor pieces in your natural home!

Natural home decor has been rising in popularity in recent times. Urban Jungle inspired decor has been especially popularized for its lively bohemian look through the blending of household plants, light colors, and naturally inspired decorations. Are you looking to build your ideal Urban Jungle home? Follow this list of five must-have elements that will truly refine your style and help create the home of your dreams!

Nature Decor You Need

To help get you started, here are five nature decor elements that will perfectly complement your Urban Jungle themed home.

  1. Matching Furniture: Your home should have matching furniture, from color to material and texture. There should be one accent color with a minimal amount of base colors. The furniture should establish the color scheme of your interior design, including cabinets, tables, beds, and more. The material of the furniture should also complement these colors. For example, if you are choosing neutral tones, incorporating wood elements will nicely highlight the colors you chose. Grayscale shades and metallic accents attractively pair together as well. Using muted colors is important within the furniture so that the earthy tones in your decorations especially stand out.
  2. Houseplants: If there is one thing that is absolutely necessary for this aesthetic, it’s houseplants. You can never have too many plants in your Urban Jungle! This is what will give your home the natural, refreshing appeal that is absolutely necessary for the Urban Jungle style. It will create a balance between the citified look and the natural appearance. You can buy cheap succulents and small plants at your local home improvement or home decor shop. If you don’t have vases and pots, try using mugs as an alternative! It will add a uniqueness to your home and will also maintain the equilibrium of natural and modern in your Urban Jungle.
  3. Artwork: Don’t know what to hang on your walls beside a mirror? Artwork is a great way to liven up bare walls in any home, but this is particularly true in Urban Jungle style homes. Whether the art is plant-focused or includes muted colors and colors, if you believe that it will add a personal and unique element to your Urban Jungle, include it in your natural home! There are a few ways you can buy artwork. First, flea markets or thrift stores are great places to find real, framed artwork for cheap. You can order art prints online from websites such as Etsy, which is a great way to support small artists from around the world. Also, if you have the creative urge, buy your own supplies and create your own paintings to hang up! You can even have your friends or significant other to join you. This makes for a fun activity, and the personalized artwork you can receive is your own!
  4. Natural Area Rug: If your floors seem dull, there’s an easy solution: buy a dynamic, natural area rug to freshen up the main living area. Buying a high-quality natural area rug is an investment, and it will be a cohesive element to your naturally inspired living space. An eco-friendly rug is only beneficial for your own health and the cleanliness of your home. With plants and a natural area rug in your Urban Jungle decorated home, expect fresh air at all times!
  5. Small Accents: The most fun items to shop for when redecorating your home are small decorations such as candles, books, baskets, and more. As long as these accents match the general colorway and essence of your home, there is no need to skip this step! Also, replacing everyday items with sustainable options will bring a purpose to your chosen Urban Jungle style. Having eco-friendly components in your home will make you and the environment feel good.

Nature Inspired Decorating Ideas

We hope you’ve felt inspired by our Jungle decor ideas! Decorating with the natural elements will surround guests with a lively and welcoming aura, creating a positive experience for yourself, your family and any guests regardless of how you incorporate your ideas.

If you don’t know where to start, check out our website and browse some natural area rugs. Essential in tying your space together, the perfect rug is a great starting point and can help set the tone when looking for future decorating items. If you want a personalized experience, create your own customized rug online!

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