Natural Area Rug Guide

Natural Area Rug Guide

Posted by Natural Area Rug on Jul 2nd 2019

Natural Area Rugs – Different Types of Materials

In this quick guide we will walk you through some of the important information related to rugs so that you can choose the best one according to your needs and preferences.

Primarily, we will be talking about the different types of materials used to make rugs and what kind of features they offer.

Natural Area Rug Guide

Types of Rug Materials

There are many different types of materials rugs are made of, and they come with different characteristics and features.

Sisal Rugs

Sisal is a completely eco-friendly material. It comes with some impressive features such as being sound-absorbing, anti-static, fire-retardant and fairly resilient.

It’s also one of the more durable types of materials used to make rugs, which is the reason it’s the preferred material to look for if you’re looking for a rug that will be put in high traffic areas.

Seagrass Rugs

If you want to all natural, seagrass is probably what you’re looking for. It’s naturally eco-friendly and comes in natural colors and not dyed in any way.

The all-natural material also brings natural durability to the table, but it’s user-friendly enough as it’s also stain-resistant.

Just like sisal, its durability makes it an excellent choice for high traffic areas as well.

Jute Rugs

Another completely natural material that’s very similar to seagrass as far as the features are considered. Its look, however, seems far less “polished” than seagrass.

But on the other hand, jute is much softer than seagrass. So depending on your preferences, either one of these can turn out to be a great choice for you.

Wool Rugs

You wouldn’t expect this despite the name, but wool rugs are made completely of wool. Here’s a quick look at some of its highlighting features:

  • Another soft material that feels comfortable on bare feet
  • Fairly resistant to stains which is a natural quality of wool
  • Great durability
  • Much easier to clean and care for than most other materials
  • Resistant to fire

Polyester Rugs

This isn’t one of the more natural materials we discussed above, but it’s good for what it offers.

They typically come in a very unique look, although the trade-off is that they can be harder to clean and care for.

However, they too are fairly stain resistant just like many of the other materials we walked you through.

Polypropylene Rugs

This is one of the few materials that both looks great and is still easy to clean. There are few materials that can match the kind of appeal polypropylene brings to the table.

The durability usually isn’t a problem either, while polypropylene is also one of the more affordable materials you can buy.

Just like many natural materials, it feels pretty soft on the feet as well.

Cotton Rugs

Cotton is the universal material which is used for making pretty much everything that is made using a fabric, and rugs aren’t an exception.

As cotton is pretty soft, cotton rugs feel comfortable on the feet. While cotton isn’t the most durable material, it’s durable enough to be used in medium to high traffic areas.

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