Keeping Your Natural Fiber Rug Clean

Keeping Your Natural Fiber Rug Clean

Posted by Natural Area Rugs on Apr 18th 2017

Natural fiber rugs, such as those you can find at Natural Area Rugs, can be a fabulous way to bring an organic and natural feel to any interior design.  Most of the time, these rugs will be made from materials such as jute, sisal, wool, or seagrass, and because of these natural fibers, they can’t be cleaned in the same way as your everyday, run of the mill, carpets and rugs that are made from synthetic materials.  By taking the following measures to clean them, you will be ensuring that your natural fiber rugs will look fantastic for many years.


Vacuuming your natural fiber rugs on a regular basis is critical to keeping them well maintained.  This removes any loose debris and dirt before it can be ground down into the fibers and causing any damage.  Once the debris and dirt gets ground into those fibers, it can be more difficult to remove.

Raising the Stains

One critical thing to keep in mind when dealing with rugs made from natural fibers is that they do not do well when they are subjected to a lot of moisture.  Because of this, they can’t be cleaned with water and a cleaning agent like other carpets and rugs.  To get rid of lingering stains, you will need a bit of patience and a gentle cleansing solution that you can make yourself.  All you need is a teaspoon of white vinegar and a teaspoon of a mild detergent.  Mix these with a half-gallon of water that is lukewarm.  Now, take a clean, white rag and dampen it with the solution and then blot the stain with the damp rag.  Do this until the stain lifts.

Drying It’

This is also a critical step.  The reason is that if the rug isn’t dried properly, it can distort, shrink, and the corners can curl up.  A great way to dry your natural fiber area rug is to roll it in a clean, dry towel to absorb the excess moisture.  You might need to do this a few times depending on how wet the rug is.

Your natural fiber rugs can maintain all of their beauty if you care for them properly throughout the years.  By following the steps outlined above, you will be ensuring that your rug will continue to be a gorgeous part of your décor for years.

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