Jute vs Sisal: Which Natural Rug is Right for Me?

Posted by NaturalAreaRugs on Feb 26th 2019

Natural area rugs from our chic collection have entered the design scene with a bang, bringing style, quality and sustainability into modern homes. Natural Area Rugs enchanting floor coverings are known for their soothing natural look that can fit into interiors of different styles. In particular, our sisal rugs and jute area rugs are some of the most popular solutions that have charmed home design enthusiasts and professionals in a heartbeat.

Before adding one of our beautiful rug options to your charming home, you should learn more about the differences between jute and sisal rugs to find out which is the right choice for you. This will also help you learn more about the features of sisal rugs and how to properly clean your sisal embellishments. For elevated home appeal, you should also find out whether sisal rugs are stylish.

Jute Sisal Rugs Softer Durable

What's the difference between jute and sisal?

Natural Area Rugs brings jute and sisal rugs that are made of natural fibers 100%, which makes them completely eco-friendly and sustainable. Yet, they aren’t completely the same - each one of our rug solutions has its own advantages and a unique set of features. Learning more about their differences will help you find out which one is a better choice for you and your home. Afterward, you can start browsing through our collection and find a design that reflects your taste.

Sisal area rugs

Sisal is harvested from a plant called Agave Sisalana which used to be native to Mexico, but it is now farmed throughout the world. This type of plant is extremely strong and hardy since it has adapted in order to withstand hot and dry weather conditions. Once it’s crushed, it provides stiff sisal fibers that are then used to create sustainable area rugs and carpets.

Jute area rugs

When it comes to jute fibers, they are derived from a plant known as Corchorus. This plant is also native to tropical areas, but it’s quite different from the agave plant. As a flowering species, this is a tall, spindly plant. Unlike the agave plant, it requires regular rainfall in order to survive.

The very harvesting process of sisal and jute also differs. While sisal leaves are crushed and beaten, jute is cut, bundled and then soaked into water. Such a harvesting treatment allows manufacturers to separate fine jute fibers.

Is sisal or jute softer?

Jute Sisal Rugs Softer Durable

The nature of sisal and jute plants and the harvesting process result in area rugs that differ in softness.

Since sisal is derived from a strong, stiff plant, its fibers are significantly more rough than jute fibers. Jute is one of the softest natural rug materials, which is why it’s used for decorating areas that require a gentle, cozy look. Introducing some of our jute floor coverings into your home will bring a touch of softness and texture while also keeping your feet warm and comfy.

If you want to create an ambience of rugged beauty in your living space, sisal rugs from our selection are the way to go. Although rough, our rugs are undoubtedly stylish and modern, so they can help you give a sleek, modern flair to your charming interior. Also, Natural Area Rugs sisal coverings tend to soften a bit after regular maintenance and use. Of course, you can always combine these two types of area rugs and create a play of texture and contrast in your home.

Natural Area Rugs brings jute and sisal rugs for trendy, layered appeal

Layering rugs has become one of the most popular trends in interior design and our rugs are perfect for welcoming this trends to your home. If you layer two or more rugs from our collection, you will have an opportunity to mix and match different textures, colors and patterns, creating a truly whimsical home atmosphere. Since our jute and sisal rugs feature contrasting textures, you can pair them up and create a rich, layered look in your home.

The key to creating a charming look lies in properly combining two rugs and letting them complement and contrast each other at the same time. You can use one of our neutral sisal rugs as a strong base and than place a soft jute area rug from our collection on top of it. The jute rug can feature an unusual shape, intricate pattern or bold color that will let it stand out against a subtle, yet elegant sisal backdrop. With us, you can go with a custom-made solution and pick any color or shape that you want, which will make capturing the beauty of this trend in your home even easier.

Is sisal or jute more durable?

As a stronger flooring covering, generally, sisal rugs tend to last longer than jute rugs. The strong, rough fibers of our sisal rugs bring a high level of durability and long-lasting quality. For that reason, these rugs are typically used in areas with high-traffic levels, such as hallways, stairs, etc.

Jute fibers are finer and softer, which is why they wear and tear more easily. However, since our jute rugs are quite soft, they are used in rooms with low traffic, which enhances their longevity. You should definitely use one of our enticing jute rugs to embellish your comfy bedroom or design a cozy reading nook where you can sit back and relax with a soft rug under your feet.

Which is better jute or sisal rugs?

There’s no easy answer to the question which one of these rugs is better. Since they are fairly different, the sisal and jute rugs from Natural Area Rugs bring certain advantages that you can use in your home.

Our fabulous sisal rugs are durable and stiff, which makes them a great solution for high-traffic areas. Introducing them into your home will provide you with a great level of versatility and flexibility because you can use them both as independent accent details and embellishments that can let other elements come into focus. What’s more, our high-quality sisal stair coverings can make your home both safer and more stylish.

As for jute rugs from our collection, their finesse is perfect for softening the look of a bold design and bringing a delicate touch to your interior. Although jute fibers are less tough than sisal, they can still provide you with long-lasting quality and appeal. Each and every room in your home featuring one of our jute rugs will gain a sense of richness and depth thanks to the lovely texture of our floor coverings.

If you want to make your home more sustainable, sisal and jute area rugs from Natural Area Rugs are the right choice. Our rug solutions are eco-friendly, safe and healthy, so you can definitely use them to green up your home. Of course, you can always browse the United States Environmental Protection Agency if you want to learn more about enhancing the sustainability of your home.

Jute Sisal Rugs Softer Durable

With Natural Area Rugs, any choice is the right choice

Whether you’re looking for extremely durable sisal area rugs or you want to bring a touch of softness into your home using jute rugs, you can find what you’re looking for in our vast collection. We bring you the most charming and stylish rug solutions completely free from toxins and chemicals.

You can choose from our ready-to-ship collection or design your own custom rug embellishments to reflect your unique personality and authentic home interior. We know that every detail in interior design matters, so we make sure that our rugs are the perfect finishing touches for any space.

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