How to take care of your Natural Area Rugs?

How to take care of your Natural Area Rugs?

Posted by Natural Area Rugs on Mar 20th 2021

Natural Area Rugs are a great addition to any home. There are many options of natural fibers to choose from and you can also customize your own area rug by size, color, and texture. But how to take care of your natural rugs? Here are some tips you can follow to maintain your natural area rugs and keep them lasting longer.

Vacuum Regularly

Natural fibers like Jute, Sisal, Seagrass don’t take up much time to maintain. Regular vacuuming is just what you need to keep your rug looking vibrant and new. The best way to vacuum thoroughly is to vacuum the rug from several different directions. However, when it comes to wool rugs, you need to follow the direction of the pile. Hand-tufted wool rugs should be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner that has beater-bar action (but no teeth or combs). In the case of throw rugs, runner rugs, or stair treads, you can also shake them to get rid of any dust.

Spot Clean for Any Liquid Spill

Rugs placed in high traffic areas or near kids and pets often have food or fluid spilled on them. Sisal rugs and Seagrass rugs are most forgiving in that matter. Use a dry, white cloth to blot (NOT rub) the spilled liquid as quickly as possible. Refer to the care tag and act accordingly. Different fibers have different requirements.

Vacuum Under Your Natural Area Rugs

Natural fibers have the ability to pass dust through their weave onto the floor beneath. Occasionally, vacuum the underside of your rugs, especially entryway rugs that get a lot of traffic. This will ensure the rug to be dust-free from both sides and keep your home clean properly.

Cleaning for Food Spills

Natural rugs are great for kids and pets and also create a safe environment. However, being around kids means more accidents of dropping food on the floor rugs. If solids are dropped on the carpet border,

Remove the spilled material using a dull edge spatula.

Dampen a cloth with the proper cleaning agent for the type of stain.

Wipe the area gently, working from the outer edge to the center of the spot.

Turn the cloth frequently so it is always clean.

Repeat this process until the spot is removed.

Dry the carpet by weighing down a pad of absorbent tissues or cloth to absorb the moisture, then circulate with a fan or hairdryer.

Important: NEVER saturate your rug with water or any type of carpet cleaner, steam cleaning, wet shampooing, or any cleaning method involving excessive moisture.

Keep Rotating Your Rug

Another way to keep your rug looking fresh is to rotate it for even wear. Rug Carpets cover a large area. It is only natural to notice more dust, fading, or depression in one spot than the other due to irregular traffic on them. Occasional rotation will equalize the effects. This will also remove any unwanted allergens development on them, shaking things a bit.

Keep Away Sunlight

If you notice some color fading away on one side of the rugs, the reason may be the exposure to sunlight, coming from a nearby window or door. UV rays can harm the rugs so you must block them out.

Use Rug Pad Protection

No matter how sturdy or weak your rug looks, using a good quality rug pad is always recommended. It can extend the life of your rugs significantly.

Rug pads keep rugs safely anchored in place.
A rug pad will provide cushioned comfort and a uniform look.
With a rug pad, floor surfaces can breathe, killing any odor-causing mildew and bacteria growth.

Using these simple tips, you can not only maintain your natural area rugs but also make them last longer, looking great even after years. Know your rug fiber and follow the care instruction given with the particular rug.

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